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So who is my lookalike?… Feel free to ask me

Ever wondered who you look like? Personally, I have found my own personal lookalike…

Figuring out the front…



My twin up close from the side… Here is the site I originally found it…

and me…



Closest match from the front:a brunette Nicole Kidman with a slightly rounder shape, with similar matches of mine on various sites most-least in shape: of Amy Adams-Allison Brie, Allison Brie-Winona Ryder/Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh


I even found this drawing that looks like a younger me, slightly rounder shape, close in matches of mine on and at first glance it reminded me of a brunette, younger Suzanne Stone from To Die For…

Bonnie Matt Lawrence

Also, I have found numerous lookalikes on the lookalikes page, an instantaneously experience for each but from on purpose recall, rather than recognition. So, feel free to ask me who you look like and I will come up with closest match of  lookalike as possible, in addition with a result of your face shape linking to this discovery… (for example of mine)…

My Analyzation Long Heart

whether elliptic, trilateral, quadrilateral etc.


You can do this by leaving a comment on this page, with a link to your personal photo and I will check it, respond as soon as possible being and/or  directly under your reply, on the monthly newsletter, I will be taking requests on the newsletter and will respond as soon as possible.  Or, if you prefer tumblr I am in the process of looking into setting up an account that will take your requests, which might will be an alternative to responding directly to your inquiry in form of a comment. In addition, please specify your requests in your comments.

To elaborate, if you want multiple/other alternative results with/without your exact lookalike, please inquire in more specifics what result is desired whether an animated, somewhat-alike, combined result/combination, or even all of the above. There are examples with their links below…

On a rare occasion, if I cannot spot an exact match right away, I will provide an alternative primarily being  somewhat similar then other options if found featured below such as  Animated lookalikes, combined result/combinations .  If only one or a non-specific inquiry is sent, I will find only your closest lookalike in addition, your face shape result attached.

Here are a few examples, options of different kinds of lookalikes…

Of close-exact, “Look-Alikes”


of Animated lookalikes…



of  somewhat similar match being similar to your face shape, but different in face shape and shape of features





or even a combined result  from two individual others (see combinations). There is one example below….

Ashley Judd & Gerard Butler=Christina Ricci

So who knows? It could be someone from a commercial/game show, tv show, from a movie or even an unknown (like mine), a cartoon simulation, representation.


amy adams amy redford lookalikeoval

Or even someone in passing….



I know it seems like I’m droning on, in this perspective after a while…


Basically not only have I been able to find multiple forms, of others, but also of myself. in a nutshell,

not just looking alike in one biased perspective…


How do I do this?… I have figured this out only based on these principles. Just think of me as the detective known as Bones, but in terms of the face lol


Like she does but in a livelier, more social way,


Analyzing and identifying the living, breathing, face in during stage of life.

Instead of viewing the leftover, preserved remains, more of the body.


While analyzing and identifying, I find altogether two relate to each other.

I figure it out this way: Shape=Structure aka; by confirming who a person looks like.

More about that below…

First, I look back at their basis, main facial infrastructure, or shape of. Second, based on the shape. I figure out it’s based on more specifics from the exterior-interior of form such as: How shaped: it’s form(ation) around the face, how round-flat; what is prevalent in terms of length, width and depth.

Third, based on a scale of how close, I find the lookalike in whatever form whether:Real and/or Animated”Lookalike”-somewhat (Alike, but somewhat different), even combined of two faces unified in a more realistic nature aka; combinations.

(For more about that, click here).

Since, I have discovered since these two go together in the process. I don’t mind answering what face shape you have as well-really, I don’t mind feel free to ask me your lookalike , even the face shape of.

How?… If interested, drop me a comment on this site here or more directly here I am awaiting special requests.

Also, a third option: Feel free to ask me on this page in the comments below. Or, even on any other page feel free to ask me as well. More about the lines of communication and results given below…

Now, in the past, I have tried to figure out how to do it on wordpress, but it is better to do it on tumblr then it is here, so I have provided the direct link here.  If clicked on, you can submit a file from your device or a link of your picture being facebook, twitter etc;  I will post it, narrow it down, come as close, deliver results as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to providing your match(es) and thanks for visiting.



About keh1016

I am going to Greenville Tech, majoring in Design, have thought and studied technical, analytical, full-proof methods/techniques for 20 years on the subject and consider every angle before publishing my posts. Then, utilize them in a fun, personal way using engaging activities critical thinking, up close and personal level on the subject-even using my own pictures for a comparison, on the subject of faces. Face it-when it comes to drawing the people, study compare and draw or utilize in a different way. Hey, use it or lose it right? Also, you can contact me via comment or the tumblr page available on the bottom menu. Thanks for visiting.

4 responses to “So who is my lookalike?… Feel free to ask me

  1. Lance

    Exceptional undertaking upon the compose up! I count on in direction of look at study a lot more towards yourself!


  2. Adriel ⋅

    Ok ,I really would like to know if there is Someone that look like me,this is not my best photo but I think its OK.


    • keh1016

      Owner and composer/correspondant of face shapes 101 in reply,

      OMG! I think you are the first person to via-comment a request! That is so awesome!

      Thank you for sending me your link. It was actually a really helpful photo.
      Yeah, today we live in age where people love to take selfies but we’re the few who don’t? Are old fashioned that way?
      Because I’m the same way. But and I don’t mean nice not as in high quality-non blurry, but you really do take nice photos.

      In regards to your lookalike request…Now so far, I have two people in mind so far which are two people I know.

      The one on the left, he’s a little silly at times and this was the best hq photo I could find of him.
      The guy on the right is actually a friend of mine and I found you start to look like him a bit. Altogether, I found you start to look like both somewhat. First, from left with an almost more quadrilateral, trilateral shaped face to my friend on the right with an almost rounder, more egg-shaped face. Also you have dark eyes and hair like the both of them as well. How lucky I found an unknown resemblance and definitely unexpected!

      Small world huh?
      As far as other (face) matches I am looking into animated and celebs. However, her is the closest animated match so far…

      You have the courage of the lion to ask me to grant your request and I found by face shape so far indeed you do. Not of the lion from Oz, but of 2 from Lion King 1 & 2 including:

      Kovu to second, somewhat Simba.

      Now, for celebs with your face it is harder to pinpoint but I am looking at those real celebrity faces as we speak. I will let you know if I find something asap and can’t wait to find the matches myself. I am really excited! Thank you so much for your request and I look forward to your future visits.


      Have a good one!


  3. I can tell this is probably a simple thing for you. I’m going to name my daughter after you. Very nice website, exactly what I needed. Very nice article.


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