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Emma Watson & Ryan Gosling=Alexa Vega

emma watson & ryan gosling=alexa vega


I was in the middle of making the previous two and noticed Alexa Vega in Emma Watson-especially when she spoke with an American accent in the Bling Ring. Alexa could be their love child in the new film Beauty & The Beast-that’s if, the casting stays the same and the movie pulls through because she did turn down Cinderella before. Anyway, first you can see Emma’s somewhat wide-round face, the elongation of being in length. Second, you can see the width of shape, how it is much more heart shaped, flatter with not as much depth and a slight cleft of chin like Ryan Gosling. Just when I see one, I see the other. In the beginning, I saw Emma and Alexa in each other. They both remind me a little bit of Christina Ricci and are also both somewhat similar in shape to Lana Del Ray with a somewhat wide-round shape whether more egg-like (Emma Watson) or heart like (Alexa Vega). Then, I see Ryan Gosling. Let me know by taking the poll after click back for your personal perspective and thanks for visiting. I look forward to your feedback either by comment or poll.



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  1. I have been surfing on-line more than 3 hours today. It’s funny I thought I knew what I was talking about before reading your website but it turns out I am a novis. I found your website by chance. You really cleared this up for me.


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