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Sharon Stone & Harrison Ford=Rupert Grint

Sharon Stone Harrison Ford Rupert Grint

I  don’t think I ever saw Sharon Stone and Harrison Ford in a movie together in either 80’s or 90’s when they were both much younger and really popular. I’m thinking they would’ve been good in a movie together. Sharon’s done thrillers and action and adventure. Also, speaking of Harrison Ford and action/adventure genre. Referring back to one he did called Cowboys & Aliens alongside Daniel Craig, I noticed Rupert looked a little like Daniel Craig and so did Harrison Ford. Just for curiosity, I put the left side of formation of Harrison’s face with the right side of Daniel Craig’s and got the formation of shape drawn of Rupert. So, in a matter of speaking he is somewhat similar in shape to both Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford which makes sense because they all have the same regular heart shape, not too long, wide round.

So, then I thought 50/50, who else does Rupert resemble besides Harrison Ford and I thought-Sharon Stone. I have another combination of the two of them who also has red hair and porcelain skin and will post it as soon as I find it. I don’t want to give it away just yet. Also, seeing both results of the two here combined here it seems their kid would have very fair skin, red hair, with a heart shaped face. I could see that. Anyway, Let me know by taking the poll after click back for your personal perspective and thanks for visiting. I look forward to your feedback either by comment or poll. Thanks for visiting.



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