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Michael O’ Keefe & Sarah Holcomb=Freddie Highmore

There was something in Michael O Keefe where I could see a little Charlie Bucket from Willy Wonka in him. I could see it him and a similar other, Jeremy Sumpter…

Charlie Bucket Jeremy Sumpter

But, I did not see Maggie, his girlfriend from Caddyshack in the both of them. In specifics, Jeremy would be the closest having a slightly wider, rounder shape and character on the left, Charlie Bucket, not so much, looking more like O Keefe with a more flatter, heart shape.

So, I thought yes he does look like the character Charlie Bucket. You can see his similar heart shape in both Charlie left and Jeremy Sumpter right. But, who would look like him and his girlfriend Maggie from Caddyshack 50/50? So, I figured it out…


Freddie Highmore! No wonder, I saw the new Charlie Bucket in both of them, not the old. I guess Charlie Bucket would have to look young and a little bit like Michael O Keefe whether with a more heart shape or slightly wider, rounder face. Freddie, in this case, is similar to Michael O Keefe with same heart shape, not too wide, long,, round. Also, like him is somewhat similar to the Charlie Bucket character, Jeremy Sumpter. However, his shape at the same time while having his length of shape, has a slightly wider, almost rounder appearing shape like Maggie from Caddyshack. But, still at the same time looks like Michael. I looked at the three and thought-wow! I see both of them. I figured this one out not as fast as the first one on this page, but I did figure it out pretty fast looking at the two, then altogether.  In addition, speaking of spotting similar shapes-look familar…


the combination of this same person, featuring Maggie from Caddyshack, inspired a lookalike of Amy Adams. In addition, I looked at her alone and noticed she looks like Amy Adams from Sunshine Cleaning, with an even rounder and wider, more of an oval face. They both have anxious expression of similar blue eyes and very fair skin with dark hair too. I have also posted this previous and will elaborate on this one as well and here is a poll under this link, on the previous page

Let me know by taking the poll after click back for your personal perspective and thanks for visiting. I look forward to your feedback either by comment or poll. Thanks for visiting.




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