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Alex Desret & Terry Farell=Kimberly Williams

alex deseret terry farell kimberly williams

I was watching Kimberly Williams in one of the earlier seasons of Nashville and noticed she looked a little like Terry Farrell, his costar who played Reggie in Becker. I even found a lookalike, that looks a little like the both of them. I will find it as soon as I can and post it. But anyway, looking back at Kimberly I noticed she also looked like someone else at the same time-Alex Desret from Boy Meets World and Becker. Later on, I noticed Kimberly William’s shape is slightly more flatter and elongated, almost more square-rectangular like Alex Desret’s. Then at second glance, I noticed like Terry, she has a similar almost oval shape, but more heart shaped, with a similar width to her shape. She looks like the both of them at the same time everytime I look of her.

It makes sense because she did play the daughter of Steve Martin & Diane Keaton in Father of the Bride 1 & 2. You can see the wideness of square shape, the more of flat elongated shape. Also, at the same time, you can see her very round appearing, almost oval shape like Terry’s. This is the very quality of an App. Eliptic shape, in this case oval-appears wide-long in terms of flatness but at first, appears even closer to a more elliptic shape, whether more oval, egg shaped, round etc; (in this case oval), when it is actually a heart shape close in from to an elliptic shape, or as I like to call, “App Eliptic shape” .

So seeing she has qualities of the length and width, somewhat of both, I see both in her everytime. But, I would love to hear what you have to say on the matter-who do you think she resembles, even if more so? You can take the poll previous this page by clicking back, seeing under this visual a poll. Thanks for your interest, I would love feedback whether a comment/poll or both and thanks for visiting.





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