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Goldie Hawn & Steve Martin=Sara Paxton



I was watching Housesitter this weekend on my break and later I saw a picture of Sara Paxton and thought, I know in the past I have noticed she looks similar to alot of different people in shape. Then it hit me all the sudden, she did look familiar. Not realizing it until later, I subconsciously could picture Goldie and Steve’s face shape 50/50. I was thinking at the time when watching it who would their daughter look like or son? Then, later after watching it in the same day, I saw them both 50/50 in Sara Paxton. Normally I configure two people, who they would look like. But from noticing similarities vast-somewhat all of the time, every day, like second nature I figured out subconsciously in my mind, who their daughter would look like-Sara Paxton!

That is so funny because it really is a small world. I can see the both in them. At first, with Sara’s long face shape and proportionate long contour, is like Goldie’s. But, her shape of face, the width of it is very flat and wide like Steve’s. I always noticed a little Goldie in her besides Alexis Bledel, Reese Witherspoon, since her shape is much flatter and longer, I saw a little Goldie in her. Also, I read an article of Sara saying her favorite actresses were: Reese Witherspoon and Goldie Hawn, which is funny because she looks like both: She looks a little like Reese and this case Goldie Hawn.

Secondly, with the similar width of shape I noticed just as much, she starts to look more at the same time too. Now, here’s what’s crazy-one of Sara’s roles are known on Disney. She replaced the original Marty in Halloweentown, the fourth one to be exact. The original girl who had played Marty’s name is Kimberly J. Brown, who has done many Disney movies and a more famous movie, known as Bringing Down the House starring-Steve Martin as her father and she played his daughter. So, in a way not only is Sara similar Alexis Bledel, Reese Witherspoon with wide-round shapes, not just to Goldie, like her with a much long length of shape, but is similar in shape to Kimberly and Steve, with a much wider shape, if slightly longer and rounder oval. either way saw first.

So, based on the length of shape, she is similar to Goldie’s similar longer, almost rounder shape and also at the same time with the vast width, of square shape also like Steve at the same time.  It seemed like onscreen, the two Goldie and Steve make a good match and I could definitely see Sara Paxton as their daughter, with dramatic and musical talent but also goofy and silly like Steve at the same time, see both in her 50/50 now that I look. Question is, some people might see more of one in the other. So who do you think Sara resembles more?… I would love to see feedback on the poll, below the link previous this page. I will elaborate on this if I can with visuals. Let me know what you think and enjoy!




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