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Answer to Exercise 4:Is Amy Adam’s shape more long or round?


If you guessed more long-Actually, you’re right!…

If not,

don’t worry, good guess and that is actually not an uncommon answer-more about that below…

Debra Messings Amy Adams

Amy Adams’s heart shape has the same kind of shape, (Long Heart) as Nicole Kidman’s,

but in comparison ever so slightly rounder on the bottom. It is more flatter than oval. If you think about it, yes her shape does appear somewhat oval. But, it is more flat, continuous and more heart shaped. This heart shape being vastly elongated, almost an irregular formed, more free-formed shape. This I refer to as the “Long Heart Shape, “formed of two counterpoints, formed of two continuous long lines, connected to two others connecting them, a top long line forming the forehead and shorter botom line forming the chin, this shape long and flat but somewhat round either resembles a shape either more long-wide  and flat or oval.

Long Heart Shape

I decided tot use Nicole’s face shape for example: Notice the two counterpoints left and right and top and bottom, top and bottom varying in length? Also it forms more of a heart shape, whether appearing more long-wide and flat or more roundish/oval like.

For instance, Nicole the previous example used before Amy, her shape has the same long heart formation as Amy’s, but is formed, therefore appears, slightly flatter and longer with sharper angles, more diamond-kite like, while Amy seen here, has a slightly rounder formation of shape on the bottom, altogether appearing to have a more oval shape.

nk (2) aa1

So you can see, they have the a long heart shape with the same formation of two counter points :

  • 2 long lines forming one counterpoints of the left & right sides with..
  • The second pair of counterpointed sides: 2  lines, varying much more  in length to each other, top and bottom,:

However, Nicole’s is more formed like a diamond-kite shape with the sharper, flatter angle of chin while Amy’s appears more continuous and rounder. The chin is key to showing how much long & flat-round the shape appears when this long heart shape is formed because it shows the connection of how it is formed, configuring the shape. So, they actually have the same shape, but differ in this way, being why one might interpret Amy’s  slightly rounder shape, to be more oval-because it appears more rounder than Nicole’s shape seen before her.

So, if you guessed long…

Great observation! You probably looked at the chin and noticed it was either more sharp and protruding being Nicole or Amy’s more rounder formed one.



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