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JTT & Rachel Leigh Cook=Stevie Brock

JTT & Rachel Leigh Cook=Stevie Brock


Funny, I noticed the similarity in these three. Before noticing Stevie was similar to both of a different gender, I noticed he was similar to one gender-male.

I noticed he is very similar to these people with the same long, somewhat wide and round shape: semi-long to long angular: Zachary Ty Bryan, Brad Renfero, Aaron Carter.

Zachary Ty Bryan

Look familiar? He is similar to Stevie in shape and also like him, to a same other. They have the same correlation in more specifics of Jonathon Taylor Thomas. Both of them, like Jonathon is similar to him slightly, wide and round, heart shaped but with a slightly longer shape. Zachary was noticed first with this similarity, playing his older brother on Home Improvement and Stevie I noticed afterward seeing Zachary Ty Bryan and somewhat, not as close with a wider heart shape, of Jonathon Taylor Thomas. So, in more specifics, I noticed his similarity of shape of a similar other, and someone similar to him, two others, one more than the other, closer in shape.

Then, later when I noticed how he was similar to Jonathon Taylor Thomas alone, I saw his length of shape in him first. Then, I noticed his shape was slightly wider and rounder like another person from Jonathon’s past: Rachel Leigh Cook, another one of his costars in the old Disney Film: Tom & Huck.

JTT & Rachel Leigh Cook=Stevie Brock

To sum it up, at first, I noticed the similarity of the on-screen brothers in him in order: Zachary then Jonathon. Then, later noticing his similarity of Jonathon, the similar length of shape, noticed his shape was also wider and rounder at the same time like another one of his past costars, Rachel Leigh Cook. You could say is Tom ended up with Rachel, who he obviously liked in the film, their son would look like the singer Stevie Brock.  I will elaborate on this post for the time being. But, let me know what you think, feel free to take the poll, before this page and enjoy the visual!




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  1. Neat post. I must say, I really love what you’ve done here. Thanks for sharing your info. Thank you for sharing your info. I check your page every few days.


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