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Harry Potter Cast-Drawn in More Detail… pg 2


Here is a later scene, where they go exploring through the woods. This one actually has more detail and you can see the faces more clearly. Also, it is taken of profile. See Ron’s wider, flatter more square appearing unit than Harry’s rounder one? Notice Ron’s chin is flatter and Harry’s is curved on the bottom, not as flat and much rounder. The woods are in the back and yet to be finished. Still, you can see their faces. Also, their fellow companion Fluffy the dog. I use a special all-purpose “Aquerable”, black pencil. I love it because it doesn’t smudge, on the inner region or outer region of drawing-except for fingers. But, even from my fingers touching back with the pencil smudges on them, doesn’t smudge the paper- the best medium yet. I am not one for painting, it is not a medium I can control very well. Which brings me back to this-if you know the shape of face, you can identify the person, drawing it, having more control, more intentive purpose, less frusturation and even deviate, embellish from the originals as I have done for some seen here-ditching the glasses, drawing the unpresent arms, hands, fingers.

Here is the original…

and some close ups…


See the rounder shape-more curved and bent?


The scanner liked to zoom in on the main character more so, but you can see his flatter shape up closer here.

Harry and Malfoy


This one has an unfinished silhouette and others below. Also, the expression is a little off-easy to edit.

Here is the original

Happy looking or not, expressions aside, they can both be identified by shape as seen here. Whether further away, or…

more up close as seen below…


Face off-between Harry and Malfoy, but more face-on, on topic of the shape, of Harry’s seen left and Malfoy’s seen right.Malfoy’s shape is also much wider and flatter, but even wider than Ron’s. I embellished here too. Based on means of their shape, I drew their contours knowing them. The original has different silhouettes, drawn of different people, the other unknown teammates on the Gryffyndor and Slytherin team. But, I ditched the tradition of the original, deviated by drawing the silhouette of Harry’s-wider, rounder – egg shaped head and body to follow, smack in the middle of the circular goal. Then I drew Malfoy’s flatter, wider contour below. Also, he is taller than Harry so I drew his contour slightly longer, more extended, but still to the shape of the contour-to the shape of the face.

Here is the original…

Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter


Daniel, playing Harry just the same but refering to the characters individually, his shape is egg shaped. Sometimes with the glasses makes it appear much wider & rounder than it actually is. Focussing more on shape, ditching drawing the glassses makes it easier. You can see I decided to draw the arms and fingers, nails, the shape of them too. Also, to finish the head. The hair was the hardest. I knew how to draw the shape, but it was hard to embellish it and at the same time give the same very short hairstyle as vaguely seen in the original photo. I also knew how to draw the legs, shaped to the contour. The legs were also a challenge that I overcame. They started to look like fins-too conjoined. So, I looked at the original photo and thought-you can’t see the legs, but they are implied. I saw the tiniest shadow, showing form of leg underneath another, implying the legs are two seperate units. From there I figureed out where to draw the feet according to the shaped contour and how tall he is. I drew the shoe on his right (left in viewer’s perspective), the very tip of it. I am starting to think about drawing the shoe slightly smaller. Also, I don’t know whether to extend his left, (from viewer’s perspective, right) hand, the arm even further out or leave it.

However you can see implication of fingers. Also the backgrounds kind of vague, but cut off with a big, long room, just like the original photo. The original photo doesn’t show either whole arm, legs or head. So, it really helps to know the person you are drawing in shape. Once knowing the face, you can use that shape to your benefit-drawing the even more challenging, but same shape to, shape of contour-full body. It also helps to know how tall the person is whether measuring eye level or googling, asking them how tall. That way you know where they start and stop on the paper and don’t look disproportionate. I just need to fill in details, but you an see the struggling protagonist reaching out, out of the background of drawing. I also started to extend, breach from the original four corner, background of drawing. You can see where the four corners are and where he starts to pop out of the drawing. I can actually picture how to make it appear like he is comig out of the drawing. I wish I could get my drawings to come out this dark on the original, better lighting and shading shown after the scanner scans it.  You can also see my signature on the far left. Normally is on bottom right, but the arm’s in the way.

Here is the original…


I always liked drawing the Quidditch scenes with the blurs of people and snitch in background, more illusion of movement. However, the snitch can be clearly detected in front of view. I don’t believe at this time, I ever drew someone bending knees, kneeling, sitting and still focussed more on face. This was a turning point in history of my study sketches-focussing more on the contour also. Can you see the distinct, bold, crisp definite outline of figure and not just the face? Also, I decided to ditch the traditional eyeglasses making sure I was drawing the eye shape correctly. It was a challenge also being a 4 by 6 drawing, drawn the same size as the original.

You probably notice, refering to drawing from the original, that the drawing is the same size of the photo. I was trying to figure out proportion, placement of features on face, and contour, altogether-composition figuring out where things go according to and proportionately. That helps if you draw the shape. But, drawing the person in the drawing same size as the original pic, helped me draw the whole contour shown more accordingly proportionatly, looking at the negative, space around it the same space, same size as the original. You could say I was trying to border the drawing, making sure it was drawn, placed properly, accordingly, proportionalty. Also, that gave me the perfect opportunity to try out my technical pencils-turned out  best used for-drawing in the smallest detail, no wonder how big-small the original printed picture is. It especially helped draw this one.

The reason why this is show distinctly shown is because I went over this in the same technical pencil many times, but with a more bolder, less sharper one. Also, I am in the midst of shading, finishing this one.


Closer up of the snitch and the face (even if the hair-hairline, is cut off ), and the figure with background. Also, once i know the figure I am confident how to sign their signature whether seen before or not.

You can see his signature there while mine is below, shown in the whole thing. Funny, I do other people’s signatures are easy. If forging weren’t illegal, I would try and then be bored. What is challenging, hardest most difficult is for me to sign my own name, the perfect, the same every time. As you can see, some are more distinct, some more indistinct.

But I like to sign the name after completing the figure instead of writing it out. For, the viewer can see who it is first and feel the temperament of them looking at their identified, individual signature. Also, is a good practice for caligraphy-another subject matter I have yet to master and to one either a dying/dead art, just as drawing people’s shapes of face, figuring them out before doing so.

Here is the original…


I liked drawing the serpents in the background-really cool looking. The background on top, was completely black. Up close it sort of looks like I used a blend of two things. But, no I did not use any type of paint-another subject matter, something yet to master.

I used to different types of dark pencils, one more smudgy carbon pencil leaving it more shiny and the second one over it completely dark, refered to as Aquerrable/All Purpose Black Pencil, the darkest without leaving a smudge on the paper. The only drawback, not effecting the artwork though is anything the drawing touches, rubs against leaves a smudge on, such as your fingers, palm of hands, sheet cover. Once that surface whatever it is, touches the paper, leaves smudge marks, on the paper itself, but not smudge the actual drawing, person drawn.

But, at least it doesn’t smudge the actual drawing drawn, drawing itself, just the paper. Therefore the best results. I used it to draw here. I knew there was some pencil I used in the past to perform this best result-but I didn’t know the name, which faded on the pencil, never knew the kind of pencil used until spotted later on, on accident.

Also, Daniel’s expressions more discreet than Ron, are more discreet in general. I have never seen him make a really expressive, readable face, not within the eyes anyway. I find some people when they have an expressive face worn, their eyes remain still. But, not in this one so I had to draw it. I like to draw expressive faces-more lively and fun. But, I like to draw discreet ones too-opposite of here.  Also, his face appears very square here and I wanted to test myself to see if I truly knew how to draw the shape, not misinterpreting it. And it did, just like the photo same expression, most expressive I have seen within the eyes, from head-past waste, drawing almost square-like shape, most wide (square) appearing here.

So, once again it helped me draw him knowing the shape. Otherwise, I could have drawn it like similar others with a wide, close to-square shape such as:Bill Pullman, Robin Williams, Josh Hutcherson, Michael J. Fox-which I refer to as misinterpreted drawings of people, unintentionally, not drawn like the original-the very reason why it helps to know the shape, because it overcomes this obstacle most people face drawing them-not drawing them 100 %.

Here is the original…

Dumbledore (in the 1st Harry Potter)/Richard Harris




Here is the original…

Emma Watson as Hermoionie


Drawing Hermionie was easy. It was just the right leg/her left, was hidden and I was trying to draw it proportionate to her shape. Also the right arm/her left, almost appears flat because of the flatteness of shirt sleave is flatter than the rest of clothing shown-the shirt, the socks

have more of a curve. Because her arm’s gesture, his holding the potion bottle, the arm is extended, pointed straight up. So,  going in that direction of the arm, the sleeve covering it is flatter. Any flatter, and it would look like she has noodle, disproportante arms. The sink was a challenege. I can see it form around now. But, in the original pciture it seen and when drawing it, is very detailed, specific architecture. So, when executing it, was hard to draw it making it appear like a round sink. Also, what doesn’t help is that sinks are normally flat, placed against the wall. I should’ve noticed that watching Harry Potter 2. But I thought the castle, full of magic would have things in the building a little bit off to begin with. I should’ve realized before, during drawing the sink, looking at it was a little off, peculiar and an essential clue in the movie-has anyone ever see a conjoined, round sink like that in a normal public bathroom? Just food for thought. Back to the character, like Harry/Daniel, has a very round, wide-egg shape. But, that is just until the chin which starts to appear slightly flatter, sticks out more, going down, belating. Altogether:from the top of shape/hairline-bottom of mouth/before start of bottom of shape/chin, the top, middle 2/3’s of the shape is egg shaped, but starts to belate more from the start-end, the whole chin as you can see here… If you click on the link, you will see a diagram of her face shape-where it starts off egg shaped, then the chin starts to belate.

This shape of face, belation of chin is a challange to draw, more extended, outside of the lines of a more geometric formed face shape. Other people with these examples are Rachel McAdams (oval formed), Jennifer Garner (heart shaped), Angelina Jolie (inverted version of Jennifer Garner’s shape), Reese Witherspoon (Round heart formed, shortest, roundest form of shape showing more of a non-gradual, more dominant formed chin). I also have to finish shading. But you can see it here. I could never achieve this detail with a regular pencil in a million years. You can also see, she is not very tall. Her contour stops shorter than Malfoy’s/Tom Felton’s, like Daniel does. But the shape of face, shape of contour extends slightly longer, she is slightly taller than Harry/Daniel is.  I am glad I kept the pics drawn from, like the drawings, they came out really good on the scanner too.

Here is the original…

My signature might be easily read, but I never right it exactly the same. Sometimes it comes out really embellished, sometimes really simple, quick-still working on it. But, focussed detail more on the people: I don’t know who the classmate is. However, she has an almost egg shaped face-very wide, round appearing to begin with. However, the chin is flatter and the shape is slightly elongated, a heart shape appearing  egg shaped, very close. Or, as I like to call, “App. Eliptic”. She is on the left of Emma Watson/Hermionie here.  Emma/Hermionie, is on the right. They are both shown of profile.


There is also another person, sort of blended in with the background, vague but still there, subordinate to the two in front, further back , behind them- can you guess who it is? Hint:He is shown in other drawings of the page…


Look familar?… This is a closeup of Ron. Also, it is drawn from almost the full front of face. You can see it is more cut off and wider, flatter than Daniel/Harry’s egg shape and wider and flatter than Emma’s shape. Also, it forms a triengular, heart shaped unit slightly longer than Malfoy’s/Tom Felton’s shape. Altogether, it is not as round, long as the others. Also, not as wide flat, in between. His shape is a heart shape, not too long, wide or round and wide in terms of length, width and depth too. In addition, sometimes  heart shaped faces are sometimes slightly longer, wider or rounder formed. In this case, is not,  has more of an equal balance. He looks like a cartoon character I have seen in the past, now looking at his idiosynracy, shape of face. More about that, you can see his animated lookalikes on this pg… I always  thought he looked a little like the character.

Back to the drawing, you can see his shape and drawn from the distant, fading in the background, not as distinct as these two. Also, not shown I think Harry was either on his left or right, but not seen.

Here is the whole  drawing once again…


Here is the original…

 Here is one more most recent of Emma Watson as Hermionie in the final Deathly Hallows pts 1-2:



Notice the stronger lines drawn of the shape?…

I  even drew in the teeth shape so its still her, but starts to look  more like her drawn from this picture…


Here is the original…

Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy


Again like one other drawing on this page, I decided to breach, extend from the background. But you can tell where it stops and starts to meander out. The Great Hall even though I have never wandered throught it, looks very familiar to me. I think I saw architecture just like it on a documentary on King Henry. You could say I drew some of the background from memory, the extension of background looks like part of the wall built of that building, part of the hall. I also have to finish shading. But, you can see the wide almost square, slightly rounder shaped face. Think of drawing a square, with a slight curve on bottom. That’s how you could draw his shape, how it is formed. Or, as I like to refer to as, “Wide heart shaped”. Also the extention of background from far away, the long slender line, looks like it is coming fom the wand. Also the hands, fingers are shape the same:noticably flat and the fingertips:slightly wider, more straight, rather than having more round edged finger tips, nails, hand contour like Harry’s. Because the shape of hand is shape just like face: in this case, wide, flat, almost square, much flatter and wider than Daniel’s egg shaped face.

Here is the original…


Here is the original…


This is a close-up of Rupert Grint, known as Ronald Weasley. Also, next to him on the left is Daniel Radcliffe, known for Harry Potter. The whole drawing is up further on this page along with the original.

Here are the most recent. The links are coming soon.

Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe

Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter)

Tom Felton

Here is the late Alan Rickman (at the time, from Die Hard) below…

Harry Potter Cast Timeline

I will elaborate on each one as soon as possible. I have alot more to upload. Thanks for visiting and let me know what you think-enjoy!



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