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Bar (Similar to Hilary Duff/Matt Damon) Mark Walberg

simhil-simdamon simhil-simdamon2 simhil-simdamon3 simhilsimdamon4



Even if not to each other do these to two look familar, simialr to someone else? Maybe this is what came to mind either…

This unknown girl, named Bar looks like  Hilary Duff, with a similar slightly long, very round appearing face…





(The original Hilary)…


Or Mark Walberg (right), looks very much like this guy…

Mark Walberg

Matt Damon

having a similar, almost wide-like heart shape, like Matt Damon’s shape…


These two are also very similar in shape being Bar vs. Hilary and Mark vs. Matt.

Hilary very similar to Bar who is to Mark, is also similar to someone else, just mentioned…


Matt Damon. Think of it this way:



Hilary and Bar are very similar in shape



oval-long egg shape…




and Matt and Mark are very similar to each other with a heart-wider heart shape.


They are both very similar to the other person of their gender, and when flipped either from female-male/male-female, are very similar in shape to one another as seen below…

whether it is Bar, (very similar to Hilary Duff) /Mark Walberg (very similar to Matt Damon)



or flipped Matt Damon (Very similar to Mark Walberg)/Hilary Duff (very similar to Bar, the unknown girl).






Either way, these two of both genders, are very similar to one another to begin with. In more specifics closer in shape: Hilary is closer to Matt Damon having a much flatter shape and Bar is very similar to Mark Walberg with a slightly rounder shape, Bar and Hilary’s shape being very oval-long egg shaped and Matt and Mark’s wide-almost semi-long of a heart shape. They are all similar, whether genders are criss-crossed back and forth or not.




How did I first come across this? I first noticed the similar shape, similarity of Bar in Hilary Duff,




then Matt Damon in Hilary Duff here…


more about that here

Then I thought- I wonder who Bar resembles, it must be someone close to Matt Damon in shape, like Hilary, but male and come to find it was… Mark Walberg


I even went back and looked, compared both pairs Hilary vs. Bar, Matt Damon vs. Mark Walberg, Hilary Duff vs, Matt Damon, Bar vs. Mark Walberg and would find that Hilary is more similar in Matt Damon, which I spotted before the second, similar pair, of both genders then being,

Bar, who is similar to Mark in shape.

simhil-simdamon simhil-simdamon2 simhil-simdamon3 simhilsimdamon4

So, both similar to Hilary and Matt Damon, of different genders, vice versa, either way put are very similar in shape. Who knows? Mark’s done alot of dramatic movies in the past. Maybe in Fear if he was more like the character in Psycho, he would’ve come back as Bar haunting his on-screen ex-girlfriend here. As a bonus, they both have a more intimidating, rough expression and daring demeanor while Hilary and Matt seem to be more relaxed and at ease appearing here….

hilarydamon hilarydamon5 hilarydamon6hilarydamon4

I will elaborate on the concept. For now, let me know what you think and enjoy…




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