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What’s Up-January 2015 Newsletter


I hope every one is being a party animal, celebrating the New Year. I myself, can’t sleep-all the more reason for new posts.

Speaking of, there are more updates for the trans-gender lookalikes. I will provide the links below…

 Hilary Duff/Matt Damon

AJ Michalka/Jason Bateman



1/1/15 3:00 pm: I am pretty much done with the updates on the Drawn in Detail pg. I just need to add about 30 more and elaborate on the posts already created. I really hustled, only taking me about half a week. It would normally take a me a good 1-2 weeks to major update this one pg-a lot on it.

Also I have updated the  trans-gender lookalikes. pg. I am looking forward to reading comments. I will be back later, time for a late lunch and have a happy new year everybody.

7:00 pm: I looked at the queries locating my site, under the stats page and found one query interesting…


“Piper Perabo vs. Rachel McAdams”, (Here is a Google search in multiple places, affirming the seen similarity…)

I read this query for the first day of January and never thought about it, looked it up and have seen but never realized the similarity in shape of these two searched…

Piper Perabo vs. Rachel McAdams-very interesting query. I noticed they are similar, but somewhat different. Here are the two of them…

Piper Perabo Oval

Piper Perabo (the diagram should be labeled long oval, rather than oval, I will edit that as soon as I can)

RW (2)

Rachel McAdams

How are they similar, correlate?…

Piper Perabo Rachel McAdams:Both are somewhat similar to:

Hilary Swank, Jennifer Garner, Julie Gonzalo and Elizabeth Banks having a very round, but also longer face.

How are they similar (in face shape)?

They both have an oval formation, slight elongation of shape, similar skin tone, eyebrow, eye color and natural brown roots. They have their differences as well but primarily, are similar in shape.

How are they different (in face shape)?

They differentiate in shape besides being similar.

For example:Piper’s whole shape is long oval-even if round is extended throughout is almost conic, like Sarah Michelle Gellar’s (below).


Skinny Heart is another name for conic shaped. Both are, mean just as long extended, slightly round, but more trilateral shaped…

Whereas Rachel Mcadams’ shape is much wider, almost oval with an extention of just the chin/belation chin, rather than an extention throughout the whole shape, like Piper’s. Also, being much wider and rounder, rather than extended and rounder/long oval (like Piper Perabo’s), unlike Piper having a more oval quality is closer in shape to Winona Ryder’s oval shape…

Winona Ryder oval


So thanks to whoever searched, this query therefore finding my site. It was very interesting…

I think I ought to add this to my long list of lookalikes and somewhat-alikes.

I will be back later and thanks for visiting.


1:30 pm: I saw another interesting search…


It said, “‘Kate Beckinsale Captain America”. Kate Beckinsale was not in Captain America, it was Haley Atwell, who is very similar to her in face shape. They both have a somewhat flat and round face, as seen here.


But, you can see Atwell (left), her face shape is wider and rounder, oval-shaped. While Beckinsale (right), her shape is slightly elongated and more trilateral, cone-shaped. They also have dark brown eyes, hair, slight arch of eyebrows and similar features shaped to their faces. Also, as seen here have both made their part of the war efforts for World War II on-screen. Haley Atwell left, is apart of a secret government operation in Captain America and Kate Beckinsale, has played a World War II nurse.

However with similar face shape being the main thing, one would confuse these two. I don’t remember if I elaborated on this particular one, but the link is here if interested… Thanks for researching, leading and for reading here. Loved that search! My mother thought the same thing too, that it was Kate instead of someone else being Haley. Thanks for visiting, I will be back from further updates and reading comments-enjoy!

4:00 pm: I have made updates, posted visuals for each fruit, shaped like a face shape on the We’re All Fruit page. It is not my newest post, but I have been recieving feedback about elaborating it. The only thing I could see further elaborating on was to post a visual for each example.



My annual report actually read that my most commented post was Rachel Weisz-Brooke Shields. Thanks for letting me know about the news WordPress Team!



More about the Rachel Weisz-Brooke Shields post…

I think this post took me the longest, explaining it in the most depth and I broke it down gradually how they all correlate, are similar in face shape, features and also how they are different, altogether how they start to morph from widest, roundest (almost elliptic, round-like)-longest,  flattest shape.

tired toomuch

That’s a mouthful just introducing it. But, it inspired me to write a new post on correlations and similarities. It is still pending, needs work. But, I hope you enjoy the posts and I will be back later. Thanks for visiting!

1/6/15 4:30 pm:

The previous mentioned is now posted. Here is the link, hopefully done. I might have to edit and add a little. I made sure it flowed before releasing it. Let me know what you think, enjoy! I am trying to make navigation, a little easier. Being, there are so many pages, so little time for organization. But, it helps. I hope everybody had a happy new year.  In addition, the topic of New Year’s resolutions: when we promise to break bad habits, but not always follow through:


I will try my best to make navigating easier for the site, while I’m on that subject. Hopefully, posts get published quicker because I have told my posts to be automatically proofread when done-like a second pair of eyes, without a second pair of eyes-will probably help, be much easier, rather than just me proofreading. I seem to be getting good feedback on the Rachel Weisz-Brooke Shields post. I think I will use it as exemplary outline, format way of comparing 2+ more people, somewhat-vastly similar, in shape. Probably from being the most organized, from what I read.  Thanks for reading, I will be heading over to the comments page and will be back later. Thanks for visiting!

Here is an interesting affirmation…


The second one reading, “Jeff Timmons looks like Bradley Cooper”, was interesting. Funny enough…

Bradley Cooper Jeff Lachey Richard Armitage

They do look very much alike both somewhat to Richard Armitage with flattest shape, lightest eyes, (far right), all somewhat like Ralph Fiennes, most-least from similar longest, flattest, to almost roundest shape of face. Actually I could extend this as a morph from Ralph Fiennes-Daniel Radcliffe. For they are all somewhat similar Ralph-Daniel, left to right in shape. You could see how one would associate one for the other here. Also, even more confusing, Jeff has made a few cameos and Bradley could sing if he wanted to-heard him on youtube, he was really good singing with the Hangover Cast on a radio show. Anyway, thanks for visiting and for more about this subject click here…  Whoever searched, this visual evidence of a search, thanks for searching, clicking on here. Thanks for visiting, thanks to all for visiting. I will be back later…

1/9/25 1:20 pm: Interesting search on stats, affirmation today…


It’s the one that says, “Anna Faris King of Queens”, the second one I believe… Probably leading to this pg. Explaining in more depth, that they very much are alike and when people are very much alike, (this being one example), they can be associated for another as seen here…


and above…in the search based on likeness also mentioned here…


Daniel Radcliffe Elijah Wood

Elijah Wood Daniel Radcliffe

Jesse McCarthey Leo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio Jesse McCartney

(more on them, if you click on the links above, here)…

Thanks for reading. I will be back later…

1/10/15 Found two new interesting searches/affirmations, affirming their searches leading to  here. Here are they  are…


The first one is the second mentioned, “Michelle Pfeiffer looks like Cameron Diaz”. Normally I see a search mentioned vice versa. But, when people really are similar, close it can be seen the other way too, vice versa. Here is a visual…


and more about the concept…

The last search mentioned above being the second one: “Maggie Lawson and Sarah Michelle Gellar”…

SMG morph

You can see a little bit of Sarah Michelle Gellar in everyone here: vast-somewhat. Notice Maggie is in the middle. Also like Maggie, Sarah Michelle Gellar is most similar to the same people being Nicole Kidman, Melissa Joan Hart and Alicia Silverstone, but with a more dominant shape and wider appearing nose like Maggie does. Having this similar quality of similarity and shape as Maggie, makes them very similar in shape. More about how closely similar and someone else similar to both, more about that and the person they are most similar to in shape not in the morph, not mentioned yet here…

Also for more morphs like this click here…


Both were very interesting searches/affirmations… I will be back later for more updates. Most of the big ones are done, just editing and adding new posts.

highfive (2)

Thanks for visiting-love the input!…

I have just made some new posts for the trans-gender page. I am uploading them right now. Also there are new lookalikes: somewhat, analagous/very close and animated lookalikes.  The link in the previous sentence will direct you to the closest lookalikes pg which also have links to the other lookalikes being:somewhat and animated. Some of them came out pretty funny. Actually, I made some of the animated ones over the holiday-reason being, they show, resemble close to the subject of Christmas characters. I am enjoying reading the comments and would love feedback on the polls on the combinations pg too.  I would greatly appreciate it if people would take the polls. Especially on the Ashley Judd + Gerard Butler=Christina Ricci. Thanks, for reading and I will be back. I will be busy, but not on a 4-day schedule-thank goodness. I will be busy after coming back from the holiday, but not as busy as I was before Christmas break. Thanks for reading and let me know what you think of the new lookalikes posted below… ( I will provide the link as soon as I finish the posts).

 Analagous/Very Close:

Alyson Michalka Geena Davis

Animated Lookalikes:

Ed Helms Tall Elf with glasses in Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer 

Mulan Unknown on facedouble

Somewhat Similar:

Brenda Song-Vanessa Hudgens

Transgender (mentioned above first):

 Alan Rickman/Elizabeth Perkins

Andrea Dromm/Matt O Leary

Arda (Leonardo DiCaprio Looalike, somewhat similar to Max Theriot, Andrew Lawrence)/Drew Barrymore

Bar (Similar to Hilary Duff/Matt Damon) Mark Walberg

Bradley Cooper/Unknown Blonde Similar to Amy Adams/Isla Fisher, Amy Poehler

Chris Carmack/Emily Hart (Melissa Joan Hart’s sister)

Christina Applegate/Matthew Lawrence

Colin Creevy in Harry Potter/Unknown Snow White lookalike

David Spade/Jane Fonda

Donald Sutherland/Unknown Celine Dion-Evan Rachel Wood Lookalike

Elizabeth McGovern/Richard Armitage

Erin Sander/Stevie Brock 

Jade Wallis/Alan Arkin 

Jesse McCartney-Daniel Radcliffe hybrid from morph Dakota Fanning

Jimmy Stewart/Piper Perabo 

Jonathon Taylor Thomas/Hayden Panetierre

Josh Lucas/Emily Hirst

Kelly Preston-Steve Zahn

Kevin Zegers/Allison Brie

Lauren Hutton/Jonathon Jackson

 Lauren Ramsey/Jonah Hill 

Matt Dillon/Kirsten Bell

Peter Gallengher/Caroline Goodall

Ray Liotta/Lindsay Lohan

Riely McClendon/Dove Cameron

Treat Williams/Kirsten Bell

Phew… more updates later after these.

1/12/15 2:00 pm

Here was interesting stat/affirmation,,,


Someone actually googled Leo DiCaprio and Rachel McAdams. They have never been in a movie together. That search might have been looking for someone similar who costarred with him: Jennifer Garner. Also, in Rachel I see a little of her in both of them. More about that on the combinations pg under L for Leo, or J for Jennifer.

On further note, I have just created a bunch of new updates and some new ones pending.

Can’t keep up, getting overwhelmed, tired-too much at once, feel like I’m spinning here.



I will extend them as I have promised all others as soon as possible because there is so little time, so many.


Thanks for visiting and will be back later for a brief time, then tomorrow.

1/13/15 1:36 PM Some more interesting stats today…


One interesting one, “River Phoenix looks like Johnny Depp”, was very interesting and this might answer your question…

Helena Bonham Carter Johnny Depp River Phoenix

Depends on who you see more in him first. But, River’s shape is wider like Helena’s and heart shaped like Johnny Depp. He has a similar shape to Johnny but wider like this…

river-phoenix heart more in width

You can see a little Johnny in him. He is also betwee these two people of the same gender, similar in shape.

Johnny’s shape is slightly longer, lie Ralph Fiennes but a little wider  to Johnny Depp’s shape.

sim ralph fiennes river phoenix johnny depp

These few similarities in shape somewhat-vast, might answer the question, affirm what they have observed but answered why and how-by the shape.

So, they being similar in shape, they themselves are similar, but also somewhat different too. Thanks whoever searched the term and I will be back later. Thanks for visiting.

11:00 pm:

I have updated this post. Thanks for reading, I will see you tomorrow…

1/14/15 12:40 pm: I looked at all the searches for today leading to my site…


Funny enough, they are pretty much all lookalike searches leading to my site. I have covered each topic… I will provide the visuals for each searched as soon as I can.

Jean Smart-Kim Possible: Jean Smart did voice over the mother of Kim on the show, but this is more about the caricature of herself, the representation and how close to the original person drawn from. In this case, very close, similar, the closest to an animated lookalike found of Jean, with a slightly more longer oval shape like Charlieze Theron. There is a lookalike here  and the actual post is pending…


Joaquin Phoenix looks like Johnny Galecki: I have described on my site that he is somewhat similar to: Joaquin Phoenix, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert Pattinson. They are alike in shape.In more specifics here is the link.

johnny galecki1

Amy Adams Nicole Kidman: This one is most evident. Besides the red hair and blue, semi-light eyes, they both have a similar face shape: very long, but not completely flat and their shape looks very similar but they do vary in a few ways for more click here…

Nicole Kidman Amy Adams

Nathan Gamble and Josh Hutcherson: This is topic of certain people in lookalikes is very popular. Probably because my site has the most visuals of them on it. Anyway, it is described in depth how they are similar in different in shape for more click here… 

Al Pacino Stallone- They both are wise/tough guys, with dark hair eyes, and a very long face. Here is a lookalike of both… (I will provide the link asap)

Al Pacino Syllvestor Stallone rectangular

and lastly,

Anna Kendrick Isla Fisher- They are both very similar in shape as well and here is a link explaining that further here.


So thanks for these searches and I have gone over these in more depth affirmed these searches, reason being  why I call these “Affirmations”:. Thanks for visiting.

1/15/15 3:45 pm I received some really good stats today! Highest ever, so far. Thanks to all for reading and visiting. I am organizing posts , adding polls as we speak and will be back later in the day…


I have 20 new visuals, lookalikes made being in these three categories: Animated, Analagous, Somewhat alike:

Here are the links for the newest ones…


Amanda Detmer Unknown

Amanda Seyfried from fullest-flattest shape

Andy Richter Chris Farley

Diane Keaton Unknown

Michelle Pfeiffer Miranda Richardson

Animated:Duchess from Aristocats

Somewhat Alikes:

Devon Sawa-Jeremy Sumpter

Devon Werkheiser-Daniel Radcliffe

Kate Hudson-Bonnie Hunt

Kate Hudson-Gwenyth Paltrow

Kate Hudson-Mana Savari

Michelle Pfeiffer-Amanda Seyfried

Nicole Kidman-Alicia Silverstone

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