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Demonstrations done knowing the shape of, identifying it, then detailing it… pg 9

As you can see, if you sketch in the detail, notice how much cleaner, crisper it is drawn-especially within the shape of face. Now, originally all of these scans didn’t show up like this. But, I enhanced it so you can see it. I drew it in not just a regular pencil, an even much lighter, technical pencil and it barely showed up, but was there. Don’t they look like coloring pgs? That’s what coloring pgs are-outlines.

As children we identify within the outlines and when we get older, break out of the border. But, bold outlines, help guide identify where and how to place, draw detail in shape more so. I did just that, then you can go back in and add detail. As you can see even before I shade it in, the detail of each person. Because the lines much crisper, clearer are more definite, identified and that’s what you want to do when drawing a shape of face.

Otherwise, the outline of shape, shape itself and its dimension all together, will be undetermined, indefinite and will be drawn as someone noticeably-somewhat similar, misinterpreted, unintentional. It makes such a difference when knowing the shape, planning sketching it, then adding detail rather than doing a period of trial and error drawings. Don’t get me wrong, experience, practice is good. But if you know what, specifically who is drawn, you can be able to identify with it, demonstrate just that and make other people identify see exactly who it is. Thanks for reading.

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