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Hilary Duff and Costars/Friends-Drawn In More Detail…

Hilary Duff was one of the hardest people to draw. I drew her many times in portraits, by herself until I was sure I knew the shape 100%. That was before I decided to figure out the person’s shape before I draw it. You can see her shape is extesively long/elongted/oblong, whatever you wnt to call it-almost cone shaped. But, it is very round, egg shaped to. It wasn’t until I thought her shape was long + egg=long egg,  altogether a long egg shape, I struggled to draw her. Looking back they do look like her because her shape is very noticably long and round. But, I wanted to be absolutely sure I was drawing her right, 100% according to her long egg shape…


Notice how the lip shape is long and egg like:long + egg=long egg-which is how I learned to draw her after how many times as shown. It wasn’t until I knew the shape I was able to draw her 100% like her.


Here is the original…


Here is the original…


Here is the original…


Here is the original…



You can even see from her contour shape being her foot, with or without the shoes, the shape of her feet, like her face is very long, but also round and continous. egg shped at the same time…

Here is the original…


Here is the original…


Here is the original…


Here is a drawing of a younger Hilary. I drew the nose to refresh my memory of how it is structured, like her shape of face, long egg shaped.Also, the original picture, I will find asap, lacks value in the face being of the features of eyes, nose and lips, so for that reason, the eyes might have depth in terms of shape, but appear to transparent, almost ghost-like. I have drawn that in someone else and corrected it terms of adding more value. But, haven’t done that here seeing the main focus of this main page, these being one person featured, focussing mainly on drawing a definite shape-therefore definite features of, temperament of that certain person. Also, the original photo drawn from was when she was younger about the time she was in the movie Raise Your Voice and her 2nd album came out…


Also the scanner took a pic of the eye shape, same long egg of the shape inside and outside…


Also same shape you can see formed in nose, lips, mouth even in the smallest intricate detail of teeth.


Here is the original…

Most recent (Link is coming soon).

Hilary Duff from Lizzie McGuire

LaLaine from Lizzie McGuire

Adam Lamberg from Lizzie McGuire

Jake Thomas from Lizzie McGuire


Hilary Duff Before Drawing

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