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Amanda Seyfried-Drawn in More Detail


You can probably see the vague negative lines from the neck to the bottom of the drawing. That is because the original drawing scanned had words on the back. I was able to enhance and take them out. But, it left vague lines where the words used to be. But, I thought it looked kind of cool. Anyway, you can see the shape here. The shape is key: First, it looks flat to some and rounder to others. In more specifics it might appear slightly elongated, a flat oval, almost cone shaped, long but also round. However, it is none of the above mentioned. It is not too flat, elnogated/long, semi-long, too round whether wide or longer, more oval. It isn’t even too flat and wide. So what shape is it? Not too flat-round (trilateral/heart shaped). Also it is not too long, wide or round so it is equal in length width and depth, equally balanced as I like to refer to as, “A Regular (Shaped) heart”.

Also you can see her expression looking down at her nails and therefore her eyeshape is not seen. But, would be drawn just the same: like the regular heart shape her face is:not too flat/round and not too long wide, round, in tto much depth of a shape, not long or belated drawn of the shape, that is of eye. As it is done the same for the shape of eyebrows, nose and mouth. The teeth are tricky therefore require a technical pencil-built to draw sharper, detail and edges almost indistinct, technical. I try my best to enhance it so you can see the shape drawn. Some come out better than others from being drawn darker, therefore shown on the scanner better. But you can still see it here, though disconnected, the eye can connect the whole shape. The shape of face, formation might be disconnected in some places, but continues in form and you can see the formation of shape formed whether a closed ciruit of shape or not.

In addition another part shaped like face, the contour, outside the internal region of face, facial features. If you look at the hand, finger and nails on the bottom left shown. If you look closer, or click you can see the nails, fingers and hands are shaped to her regular heart shape just the same as well. Also if not drawn 100% like her in shape: fuller and wider would be Charlotte Church. Another example of a deviation unintendd, or what I would like call as, “A miisinterpretation”, similar close in shape but not her would be Michelle Pfeiffer had the shape of face had been drawn much wider and rounder, almost 100% rounder. Also if almost oval would look either like Dakota Fanning, Emma Stone, Mila Kunis. These are just some of the names but she is similar to alot of differnt people in shape. I was frustruated myself drawing her exactly, intentionally. I drew her very close in shape, like Charlotte Church. So, drawing this formation, outline of definite shape of face, helps to see the shape of face more clearly. Sometimes I even map it out.

Shape of face and hands/contour of hands asside, Some of this drawing is shaded but you can still see the clear formation. Also, this drawn of Amanda from the best role I’ve seen her play:Mean Girls. This is the scene drawn of a screen cap, where she says, “My nail bits suck”. She is so dopey and funny in that film and I had to draw all three looking in that mirror. I have drawn the other two of Rachel McAdams touching her nose, examining her pores and Lacey Chabert criticizing her hairline. Also those three drawn from that scene, is the perfect depiction of showing how insecure the three girls in the film mean girls including Amanda: how self absorbed, immature and insecure their characters really were. In my opinion the scene where they were looking at themselves in the mirror would have either made a really good promotional pic or if for more intended humor. would have been the perfect movie poster/cover  art.

Here is the original drawn from…


Here is the original drawn from…

About the title of original image, I am titling it for a future project.


This is the same drawing, just from a different perspective and not from the front like the previous. The same picture was used as well. Also, I did this in color and it is yet to be finished.  I know, it looks like I took a highlighter to the hair. But, I actually used a few different colors. You can see her blue gray, almost green eyes too.

Here is the most recent. The link is coming soon.

Amanda Seyfried

If necessary, I will be back for more elaboration. Thanks for visiting, enjoy the visual and let me know what you think…



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    • keh1016

      Owner/Writer/Creator/Correspondent of faceshapes 101 in reply:

      Staying instructive? Sounds constructive.

      Your comment made my life very musical and I was overjoyed!

      It was unexpected and a delightful surprise. Thanks for visiting.


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