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Animated Lookalikes pg 24


Rupert Grint Human Version of Donald Duck in Mickey’s Christmas Carol 


Ryan Gosling Rabbit in Alice In Wonderland 

Ryder Strong Scamp in Lady and the Tramp 2 


Ryan Reynolds Animated Character– Like the original Ryan, starts to look like the other Ryan, Gosling from the Notebook. But I noticed at first he looks like Ryan Reynolds from The Proposal.


Sam from Totally Spies Anneliese Van Der Pol-I always thought there was something familiar about Anneliese Van Der Pol. She reminded me of Sam from Totally Spies. It wasn’t just the red hair.


Sam Huntington Mowgli in Jungle Book 


Sandman from Rise of the Guardians Jonah Hill--I saw this lookalike of the sandman from Rise of the Guardians and I found he looks a lot like Jonah Hill.


Sara the Tricaratops from Land Before Time, The-Another pair who both have green eyes. But, I see both in each other.


Scar from the Lion King


Dreamwork’s Shark Tale Caricature of DeNiro; Robert DeNiro-Dreamworks did a job, you can see Robert’s face and signature stare…


Selma Blair Gem in Sabrina the Animated Series 


Shane West and his cartoon profile-Looking at the profile, they both have a slant, slight curvature of chin…


Shane West Merman in Little Mermaid 2 


Sharon Spence from Braceface– First, I noticed a little of Alicia Silverstone in both, but not at the same time…


Sharon Spence from Braceface Lookalike # 2-Notice in this portrayal, more like Evan the face is more oval-long, rather than wider-oval like Pippa Black. Sharon Spence in general has a very round-either much wider or long, more oval appearing face, with green eyes and blonde hair. I noticed this person looks a lot like her.


Shia LaBeouf son of Bart in the Simpsons 


Simba Lookalikes– I could see Cody as Simba during Dancing With The Stars because Simba alway reminded me of a Jonathon Taylor Thomas/Val Kilmer-Tom Cruise/Cody Linely and so does Cody…


“Sim-bastian” Sebastian Lookalikes from the Disney’s The Little Mermaid-Not only is he red like a lobster, he looks like one too-see the similar face? I always thought Sebastian looked like a Craig Anton-Michael Douglas and so goes this guy…


Prince Harry Syndrome from Disney’s Incredibles


Sloane from Ferris Bueller Jasmine from Aladdin 


Sue Heck Cari in the Incredibles


Supergirl Unknown from Leverage



Tarzan Paul Walker (R.I.P.)



Ticket Booth Guy from Frosty the Snowman Techer from Phil of the Future

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