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Phelps brothers of Harry Potter brother twins in Alice & wonderland


It’s a twin thing-not just that. Like the Olsen twins looking at the shape individually:

Twin Lookalikes 5

The first one’s is slightly longer-semi long heart shaped while the second one on the right has a slightly wider rounder almost egg like shape. Besides the red hair, similar frown, expression they are both very similar to the cartoon below them, representing them individually. Together like the cartoon they both look similar to each other in shape in ways I have just described also. I am not saying that the guys nor characters are dumb, being the judgement from hearing the names of the cartoons they represent, they are dumb. But, they do look like Tweedledum and Tweedle Dee. The Phelps brothers’ characters Fred and George in Harry Potter both also have similar character assides from the similar shape, expression, hair-they love to goof around alot and avoid the important subject, task at hand. I could see them playing the both but would they be too old?…In addition notice their contours, form the simialr shape as their face, when combined, is shown around the form. They are standing the same distance from each other as the cartoons and the space between them, the cartoons below, you can see a similar shape formed and repeated, that’s because they take up similar proportions, therefore so do their contours, and as shown from even around the unit, when combined, standing close to each other.

I will further extend this post. So let me know what you think of the visual-enjoy!I will further extend this post. So let me know what you think of the visual-enjoy!



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