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Animated Lookalikes pg 8


Country Crock character Emily Deschanel

Character from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs


Cruella Devil & Unknown (Younger)


Daniel Radcliffe Google Guy 


Dee Dee, Dexter in Dexter’s Labratory’s Sister Caitlin Wachs 


DNAmy in Kim Possible


Donald Sutherland Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland 


Donkey Chris Rock-I know, Eddie Murphy played the voice. But, I could picture Chris Rock not only playing him, but the character looks like him too. Asides from a similar face shape, they both have the similar nose, the wide and round shape and of the teeth too. Funny, donkey was annoying and I could picture Chris playing him in that sense too. He plays a good jackass on tv- ha ha! But couldn’t  you picture Chris Rock doing the voice for the Donkey? Either way, they look alot like each other. See the resemblance, the similarity of shape and features?


Dove Cameron Rose from American Dragon-Another Rose lookalike. Rose seems to have a very oval appearing face doesn’t she? The people who look like her have a very round appearing shape to begin with…


Drew Barrymore Cartoon in Captain America-I can’t picture Drew in Captain America, but I think the sketch artist drew Drew. I will display the link to the original artwork soon-not mine, but I made the lookalike-great work, whoever drew it. Thanks to whoever drew this. I think this is from the original cartoon, from the Captain America comics.


Duchess in Aristocats Unknown on morpthing (I will provide the link to the original image on morpththing as sonn as I can).


Dylan McDermott King of Hearts


Ed Harris Slink in Toy Story 1-3 


Ed Helms Tall Elf with glasses in Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer

Eddie Murphy Animal from Frozen 


Einstein Bobblehead from Night At The Museum 2 & Mike Ditka


Elijah Wood Bearcub in Talespin -This lookalike of a human character of Talespin, might make your head spin-LOL!


Elsa from Frozen


Elisha Cuthbert Helena Bonham Carter– Helena didn’t look like herself in Alice In Wonderland, more like someone else. Notice how much rounder her shape appears like Elisha?

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