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J Combinations pg 2

Jake Thomas & LaLaine=Tom Felton 


Jason Bateman & Amanda Peet=Josh Hutcherson

I found a closer match recently. Here is the next one below…


Jason Bateman & Amanda Peet=Drake Bell

Jennifer Lawrence Josh Hutcherson Me

Jennifer Lawrence & Josh Hutcherson=Me

Jesse McCartney Kate Winslet Young tom Riddle

Jesse McCartney & Kate Winslet=Young Tom Ridldle from Harry Potter

Jennifer Lopez & Dennis Leary=Devon Murray

Jeremy Sumpter & Rachel Hurd Wood=Bonnie Wright

Image result for emma roberts movies gif

Jessica Biel & Adam Lavorgna=Emma Roberts

Jessica Biel JTT David Boraznez

Jessica Biel & Jonathon Taylor Thomas=David Boraznez

Jessica Chastain & Chris Hemsworth=Emma Roberts (Pictorial is coming soon).

Jessica Simpson Nick Lachey Connie Britton

Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey=Connie Britton

Jim Carrey & Cameron Diaz =Tom Felton



Jim Carrey & Maura Tierney=Steve Howey


Jim Carrey & Rene Zelleweger=Jewel

Jim Carrey Tea Leoni Josh Hutcherson

Jim Carrey & Tea Leoni=Josh Hutcherson


Joan Cussack & Christopher Maloni=Emma Thompson

Joan Cussack Craig T Nelson Jena Malone

Joan Cussack & Craig T Nelson=Jena Malone



Joanna Garcia Steve Howey Kirsten Bell

Joanna Garcia & Steve Howey=Farah Fawcett/Jim Carrey/Kirsten Bell

Jodie Foster Gerard Butler Gemma Ward

Jodie Foster & Gerard Butler=Gemma Ward

Jodie Foster Mel Gibson Emily Osment

Jodie Foster & Mel Gibson=Emily Osment

Jodie Foster Mel Gibson Farrah Fawcett

Jodie Foster & Mel Gibson=Farrah Fawcett


Joely Richardson & Jeff Daniels=Claire Bowen


Joely Richardson Jeff Daniels Gwenyth Paltrow

Joely Richardson & Jeff Daniels=Gwenyth Paltrow

I found another possible closer match involving Rachel Hurd Wood. For more click the link below…


Joely Richardson & Jeff Daniels=Rachel Hurd Wood




Joely Richardson & Mel Gibson=Ryan Reynolds

John C. Riely & Kate Winslet=Kat Dennings

John. C Riely & Kate Winslet=Kat Dennings


John Goodman & Sally Field=Kevin Zegers

John Malchovich Diane Lane Danielle Panabaker

John Malchovich & Diane Lane=Danielle Panabaker


John Malcovich & Angelina Jolie=Karina from Dancing With The Stars 

John Travolta Kyra Sedjwick Chad Michael Murray

John Travolta & Kyra Sedjwick=Chad Michael Murray

John Travolta Marisa Tomei Sarah Michelle Gellar

John Travolta & Marisa Tomei=Sarah Michelle Gellar

John Travolta Olivia Newton John Faith Hill

John Travolta & Olivia Newton John=Faith Hill

John Travolta Salma Hayek Mark Ruffalso

John Travolta & Salma Hayek=Mark Ruffalo

Johnny Depp & Rhada Mitchell=Kevin Zegers


Jon Cryer & Nancy Travis=Ricky Ullman


Jonah & Jessica from Sleepless In Seattle=Anna Popplewell


JTT & Kaley Cucco=AJ Michalka


Jonathon Taylor Thomas & Rachel Leigh Cook=Charmiann Carr (R.I.P.)

JTT & Rachel Leigh Cook=Stevie Brock

JTT & Rachel Leigh Cook=Stevie Brock

Josh Brolin Emma Stone Amanda Seyfried

Josh Brolin & Emma Stone=Amanda Seyfried

Josh Hutcherson & Anasophia Robbs=Drake Bell

Josh Hutcherson Anasophia Robbs Drake Bell

Josh Hutcherson Kirsten Stewart Robert Pattinson

Josh Hutcherson & Kirsten Stewart=Robert Pattinson

Journey 2 lovechild

Josh Hutcherson & Vanessa Hudgens=Shia LaBeouf

Josh Lucas & Katherine Heigl=Skyler Samuels


Jodie Foster & Mel Gibson=Emily Osment/Farrah Fawcett

Jodie Foster Mel Gibson Emily Osment

Jodie Foster Mel Gibson Farrah Fawcett

John Goodman Diane Lane Aaron Echart

John Goodman & Diane Lane=Aaron Echart

John Goodman Elizabeth Perkins Clint Eastwood

John Goodman & Elizabeth Perkins=Clint Eastwood

John Stamos Lori Laughlin Drake Bell

John Stamos & Lori Laughlin=Drake Bell


Jonathon Taylor Thomas & Jessica Biel=Cameron Diaz


Jude Law & Cameron Diaz=Jonathon Taylor Thomas

Judle Law Uma Thurman Brie Larson

Jude Law & Uma Thurman=Brie Larson

the aviator lovechild

Jude Law & Kate Beckinsale=Emma Watson


Julia Louis Dreyfus & Jerry Seinfeld=Sophia Bush


Julianne Moore & Dustin Hoffman=Nicole Kidman

Justin Long & Drew Barrymore=unknownsimisla-jojo

Justin Long & Drew Barrymore=unknownsimisla-jojo

jennifer aniston brad pitt naomi watts

Jennifer Aniston & Brad Pitt=Naomi Watts


Jesse Eisenberg & Anne Hathaway=Michael Seater (Pictorial is coming Soon).


Julie Haggerty & Robert Zucker=Channing Tatum (Pictorial is coming Soon).



Jodie Foster Matthew McConghey Jena Malone


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