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Combinations M-O pg 3

Maria Bello & Kevin James=Will Fredelle

Michelle Williams Leonardo DiCaprio Marion Cotilliard

Michelle Williams & Leonardo DiCaprio=Marion Cotiliard

a ring of endless lightlovechild

Mischa Barton & Ryan Merriman=Katija Pevec

Mila Kunis & James Franco=Sarah Michelle Gellar


Mila Kunis & Sisqo=Unknown

Missi Pyle & Steve Martin=Mandy Moore

Missi Pyle & Steve Martin=Mandy Moore


Monica Potter & John Cussack=Katija Pevec


Monica Potter & John Malcovich=Julia Stiles



Nancy Travis & Tim Allen=Alyson Michalka/Jake Thomas

Natalie Portman Ashton Kutcher Emma Roberts

Natalie Portman & Ashton Kutcher=Emma Roberts


Natasha Richardson & Liam Neeson=Michelle Williams

Nate Richeret Melissa Joan Hart Jennifer Lawrence

Nate Richeret Meliessa Joan Hart Matthew Larence

Nate Richeret & Melissa Joan Hart=Jennifer Lawrence/Matthew Lawrence

Nia Verdalos John Corbett Blake Lively

Nia Verdalos & John Corbett=Blake Lively 


Nicolas Cage & Angelina Jolie=Danielle Fischel


Nicole Kidman & Aaron Echart=Me– I do notice both in me, but not 50/50. They both according to their facedouble matches and poll results resemble Jennifer Jason Leigh somewhat like me, but one more so than the other. My results are closer to Nicole’s somewhat to Leigh-therefore not 50/50 and I have redone this diagram, posting it with a more recent picture. Therefore, I will remove and replace this one asap. Still, feel free to take the poll if interested.


Nicole Kidman & Daniel Day Lewis=Jennifer Jason Leigh/Matthew Lawrence


Nicole Kidman & Dennis Leary=Ashlie Brilault


Nicole Kidman & Daniel Radcliffe= Unknown

Nicole Kidman Ewan McGregor Jeremy Sumpter

Nicole Kidman & Ewan McGregor=Jeremy Sumpter


Nicole Kidman & Heath Leger= Unknown


 Nicole Kidman & Jeff Timmons=Amy Adams

2 (2)

Nicole Kidman & Jesse McCartney=Kevin Bacon


Nicole Kidman & Joaquin Phoenix=Peta Smirnkoff

Nicole Kidman Jude Law Taylor Swift

Nicole Kidman & Jude Law=Taylor Swift


Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban=Unknown

Nicole Kidman & Kevin Bacon=Kim Dickens/Unknown

1 (3)

3 (2)

Nicole Kidman Leo DiCaprio Amy Adams


Nicole Kidman & Leonardo DiCaprio=Amy Adams/Michelle Pfeiffer


Nicole Kidman & Matthew Broderick= Elizabeth McGovern



Nicole Kidman & Matt Dillon=Lucy Punch

Nicole Kidman Michael Keaton SMG

Nicole Kidman & Michael Keaton=Sarah Michelle Gellar


Nicole Kidman & Peter Gallenger=Alison Brie


Nicole Kidman & Tom Felton=Ryder Strong


Nicole Kidman & Val Kilmer=Sigourney Weaver


Nicholas Cage & Eva Mendes=Clive Owen

Nicholas Cage Jessica Biel Hilary Duff

Nicholas Cage & Jessica Biel=Hilary Duff

Nicholas Cage Nicole Kidman Emma Stone

Nicholas Cage & Nicole Kidman=Emma Stone

Nicholas Cage Patricia Arquette Robin Wright

Nicholas Cage & Patricia Arquette=Robin Wright


Nicholas Cage & Tea Leoni=Lee Pace


Nicole Kidman & Will Ferell= Reese Witherspoon

Nicole Sullivan & Kevin James=Matthew Lawrence

Nicole Sullivan & Kevin James=Matthew Lawrence

Owen Wilson Jennifer Aniston Kevin Zegers


Owen Wilson & Jennifer Aniston=Kevin Zegers/Shane West

Owen Wilson Rachel McAdams Dennis Leary

Owen Wilson & Rachel McAdams=Dennis Leary

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