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November Newsletter pg 1

11/1 Sorry I have not put up the November Newsletter right away, have been stomach sick once a week for the past month. I am currently working on the combinations pg. I have most of them done and will add new ones,  just have to go back and edit, add the polls. Also, new lookalikes and animated lookalikes are pending. Thanks for visiting.


11/5/14 Have been super busy with the blog, constant updating. I updated the long lost twin pg. Also the faceshape quiz is done and there shouldn’t be a problem with survey pg I fixed it myself and it should work. Also, love the comments, keep ’em coming. I am just organizing pgs right now so there is not so much on one pg. Also on the lookalikes both somewhat, vastly similar pgs there are animated and trans-gender lookalikes. Also, the newest lookalikes’ links on the pgs, work, are up and running. I just have to elaborate them. I will also try to organize the combinations pg and the face shape analyzation gallery pgs. Also the drawn analyzations (drawing people 100%) gallery pgs are in order, I just have to put them on one pg and the misinterpretations (somewhat close of who was intended to be drawn) or now in order. Basically the whole website is organized-yey, and I currently working comments and adding to/working on posts. So thanks for visiting and I will also try to organize my links as well on this pg, have lots of new ones. Thanks again and have a nice afternoon.

Also here are some recent affirmations from the past two weeks, the stats showing results, leading here more apparent and evident shown by individual’s research…

affriming search for 8 23

The third query was very interesting. It says Kay Panabaker looks like Judy Garland which is funny because I see slightly more of Judy in Danielle, but they all look very much alike… You can see Judy, left and Kay right, even look alot like Danielle Panabaker. The one in the middle,  is a morph of Judy and someone else similar to Kay.


Also it says are Amanda Peet and Piper Perabo related-no, but they are very much alike as seen here…


But you can see Piper has a more oval shape and Amanda’s shape is slightly flatter and longer like…


Hilary Swank (right), while Piper looks vastly different from her in comparison. The three are somewhat similar to each other but Amanda and Piper are closest side to side as shown which could explain why someone would believe them to be real-life sisters.


Someone must have noticed the similarities looking for a lookalike of Cuba Gooding Jr and Donald Faison and found my lookalike pic. I can’t find it, but here are the two individually shown. Notice the similar wide nose, dark eyes, shape of face and heart line. Their shape labeled differentiates them because very similar to each other one might associate, link the two in mind, together like I have.

cubawideheart donaldfaisonregheartsimcuba

Also, “My face grew wider”, this claim shows it helps to know your shape to figure out exactly how long and wide it might be and if vastly exaggerated from how it should form is either due to from or because of age-being younger and older. Also a face shape tends to exaggerate, appear different when a person is overweight and it begins to not just show in the contour, shape of their body but their face for well. It did for me…

My Analyzation Long Heart 2

I was overweight in my teen years and still with my baby face when younger so at the time it was hard to tell what my shape was until I mapped it out and my face itself thinned out from losing weight and aging.

See the difference? The same formation of the same shape, but going through different faces, the shape can appear slightly wider or longer sometimes vastly whether it is aging young-old or weight gain.

Notice how my shape appears much longer and flatter than before? But still the same formation, an illusion of they eye believing it to be slightly wider and rounder than it is, like my pic shown before. It wasn’t until I found my true shape of face, I as able to draw myself, emotions, judgement, insecurities of side, just drawing as if it was just another person I was going to draw, which helped.

My Analyzation Long Heart

My shape is even longer and flatter now than here and now I can tell who bear a similarity to by means of shape, even somewhat similar to.

affirming search 2

Someone must’ve googled Ijustine because their query leading to this site, that’s exactly the similarity of the people I saw in IJustine, at first: AJ Michalka, then Maggie Lawson. You can see between AJ Michalka and Maggie Lawson if googled that there is a noticeable difference, they are somewhat similar in shape and it isn’t until IJustine’s similarities that they can be linked similar in shape.

AJ Michalka Maggie Lawson

See how they are noticably different in shape:Aj’s shape is very long, somewhat round while Maggie Lawson’s almost oval, very round and somewhat long. IJustine links them being very similar to AJ at first, then you notice the difference up close between her and AJ and how IJustine starts to bare a resemblance to Maggie Lawson in shape. (I will post IJustine’s pic if I can, if not it can be googled). That was interesting to find a query linking to people somewhat similar to each other altogether, a first, great query!


I loved this question:” Did Peyton Meyers play Jack Frost in Rise of the Guardians”. No, but he could certainly play a live version. Like the animated version, he looks somewhat like DiCaprio, but with a fuller, almost egg shape like Max Theriot.


The artist ended up drawing Jack Frost still like Leo, for Leo dropped out last minute to play Jack Frost and they replaced him with Chris Pine. So, the artist probably stuck with the original plans, a character exaggeration, a person drawn still with a similar face of Leo. I thought the same thing first time I saw him-Jack Frost, then also similar to Leo but differing in shape. I also started to notice other similarities in him as well. Actually, he does remind me of Jack Frost/ a younger Leo. When I was watching Girl Meets World he had that thick cowboy accent, his demeanor and his similar physicality, of face shape and features shaped to reminded me of Leo from Quick and the Dead. Great query, that probably led to the animated pg where I made a bunch of them, of all three being Leo, the caricature and Peyton.


Great question whoever searched this-is Danielle Panabaker related to Julia Roberts. No, but I have always noticed the similarity. I saw a young picture of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman and noticed she looked similar to not just Anne Hathaway, but Danielle Panabaker with a fuller, rounder appearing face.

Danielle Panabaker heart Julia Roberts heart

How are they similar to begin with? They are both somewhat similar to Anne Hathaway, Krysten Ritter and Judy Garland with the same elongated but somewhat roundish face like the others mentioned previously.

Also I see people notice and obvious similarity in Josh Hutcherson and Nathan Gamble. I do to, but up close in profile I notice that Nathan’s shape is slightly longer and his nose is slightly longer, similar in shape to my nose. I know because I drew it before. So, he looks like Josh but starts to look like me-50/50 I don’t know I will have to see that, if so I will put that on the combinations pg. But, you can see their similarities alone…

anagjoshdannoseapxegg Josh Hutcherson square

He totally could pass for Josh in Terabithia Two. My mother even pointed out while I thought- is that Josh Hutcherson?  Only if Josh never grew older since then, he could be a mini-him. Also, Josh has dyed his hair blonde for the Hunger Games just as Nathan’s hair color is normally which makes it even all the more confusing. But think of it this way-they differ in shape, relating to different others in shape. For example:Josh has a square shape and Nathan has a long, almost egg shape. Josh, having an egg shape makes him closer in shape to Robin Willliams, who has been  known for having a square shape while Nathan doesn’t appear much too like him with his shape differing in length, not as square. Also, makes since the similarity between Josh and Robin. It is apparent they did play father and son in the RV movie. Just a few tips to show they differ and also showing they are very similar, leading to that multiple occurrence of query.


The Bridget Fonda Holly Hunter stood out. They are both somewhat similar in shape to Jennifer Jason Leigh. Here is a visual example…

Holly Hunter Helen Hunt Bridget Fonda Ellen Barkin Jamie Lynn Spears

From Holly to Bridget, are somewhat similar to Helen Hunt, but with a noticeably different shape of face and nose, wider and rounder than Helen’s. They are also somewhat similar to Jennifer Jason Leigh, not seen here but also differing in a slightly rounder-wider shape.


I loved this first query! I always noticed that. I remember on King of Queens saying he had to lose his Southern accent and had he not and had a son with Nicole Sullivan, the dog walker, it would be Jason Earles from Hannah Montana. They both have a very wide appearing shape seen here…

Jason Earles Pat Oswalt Frankie Muniz Jason Dolley

But you can see how his shape is slightly rounder like Nicole’s and Patton’s is almost square, notice the round bottom of shape? It is wasn’t for that his shape would be square, box like.


This one was mind blowing-Rachel McAdams vs. Jennifer Garner vs. Vinessa Shaw. The linking similarity- they all have Jessica Biel in them, but with a more elongated shape whether having more depth of a belated chin or not…

Heather Graham Vinessa Shaw Rachel McAdams Elizabeth Banks

You can see a little Jessica Biel in all of the ones above being Heather Graham, Vinessa Shaw, Rachel McAdams and Elizabeth Banks because they all have a round but flatter, slightly longer shape than hers. Also, so does Jennifer Garner, not in this diagram, but you can see her picture below.

First, Rachel’s shape like Jennifer’s has more of a belation of chin, but see hers has a more oval formation

RW (2)

While Jennifer slightly differs with a more heart-shaped formation, slightly flatter, bottom of shape/chin

Jennifer Garner belated1

Vinessa Shaw

Vinessa’s shape is actually the closest to Biel’s. Notice no belation of chin, of how she has a much a fuller shape appearing the most like Jessica, but at the same time similar to the others?

Jessica Biel apx oval full heart

This is Jessica with the most full appearing, almost oval shape, notice the very shape in her shape of lips? You can see a little of Rachel, Jennifer, Vinessa in her. Why? Because they are all somewhat similar in shape, whether having a belating chin or not. I loved that query, I have noticed that myself too.

Elizabeth Banks and Jeremy Sumpter (translated from Spanish)

I have noticed that, I noticed that Devon Sawa, who looks like half of her and Woody Harrelson at the same time,

Woody Harrelson Elizabeth Banks Devon Sawa

like Elizabeth has a very wide, but rounder shape that also appears slightly longer to, just as Jeremy’s does. How do Woody, Devon and Jeremy correlate? They are all somewhat similar to Matthew McConaghey, but their shapes are either slightly wider or longer seen here…

Matthew McConahey

Jeremy Sumpter heart

Notice how Jeremy is similar in shape to all mentioned: of Devon Sawa, Woody and Matthew and somewhat of Elizabeth?

I didn’t even notice this until that person brought it up but I am starting to see who else could be the father, 50/50 at the same time, a costar from one of Elizabeth’s movies. I will test that and if it works it will be mentioned on the combinations pg. That was a great query, challenged me and I had to go to great length to explain this similarity of all.


I’m guessing someone was watching A Few Good Men and searched for Tom Cruise and Demi Moore. I did a visual of what their kid would look like, actually a few:

Tom Cruise & Demi Moore=Emma Watson Demi Moore & Tom Cruise=Kevin Zegers Tom Cruise Demi Moore Jonathon Taylor Thomas

On the combinations pg they are mentioned in more detail along with a poll, if not it is pending because there are many others to be updated with an available poll. But, I am guessing that person found the combinations pg. Thanks, I’d love to hear response to the polls once that pg is found.  Thanks for asking about that.


Robin Williams, Phil Collins: are somewhat similar to Bono and Jude Law  and some other guy can’t remember his name but he is a Phil Collins lookalike if googled. Funny this was searched because I see a little of both in Daniel Radcliffe and also a little of Jude Law in Daniel Radcliffe as well.

Also, whoever googled Olivia Newton John, Shelly Long thanks- here is a lookalike to show their similarities

Shelly Long Olivia Newon John Meg Ryan

From flattest, widest to longest almost oval shape but with sharp corners, all three are somewhat similar to Ashley Tisdale and Judy Greer, Meg the least. But you can see the slightest similarity of all and of Shelly and Olivia next, closer to each other in shape. Olivia’s is much more oval and Shelley’s is much wider and flatter.


Jessica Chastain and Julia Roberts:

Jessica Chastain Julia Roberts

There were three people I always thought Jessica looked like and reminded me of: Amy Adams with a much wider nose/ Julia Roberts, Sarah Michelle Gellar/Brittany Murphy. In this case, she is similar to Julia. If Julia’s shape was actually more round than long, rather than longer than round, it would be Jessica’s shape. They are both somewhat similar to Sarah Michelle Gellar’s cone shape, but is much wider and rounder than hers and they both have slightly fairer skin and dark eyes being even more closer to each other. Also I always thought Jessica could be the lovechild of Julia and Ed Harris in Stepmom. Great question!


This caught my eye-Rudy, how to get Away with Murder. This might answer that person’s question….


Yes, they both look like a grown up Rudy from Cosby. On the show How to Get Away with Murder, I observed a striking resemblance between the unknown on that show and Rudy from Cosby. Pop quiz-can you guess who is who?


Are Reese Witherspoon and Sara Paxton sisters. No, but she could be he daughter, if she got together with the other secret agent in This Means War. You can see a bit of Reese and Tucker from the film this means War in her. But with the vast wide shape and blonde hair, it would be hard to miss the resemblance of  Sara:


Yes, I thought so to. There are a few people Sara reminds me of: Amy/Isla but with a noticeably different shape, a spunky, blonde Emily Blunt, a blonde Alexis Bledel and of course shown, seen here: Reese Withesrpoon

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