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Nicole Kidman-Kevin Bacon



nk-kb9 use

Back in the late 80’s early 90’s…



From the mid/late 1980’s-1990’s






nk-kb4 (2)



More recently…





Kevin Bacon. Funny, Nicole always played someone transsexual for a movie but I think she turned down the role. But I would have a good idea of who she would’ve looked like as a guy. Notice they have a similar shape. A heart shape, appearing long and sometimes round on the bottom, with similar features, expression. They both frown alot in their pics both being dramatic more than comedic actors. Then I looked at Kevin and saw a little Nicole in him. They really are similar! They could be twin brother and twin sister.(For more about who I figured out could pass as their could-be parents, click here). They both look well, younger for their age too-must be the shape, it’s so long, it’s taking a while to age in the entire face the eyes-crow feet, the wider nose and the thinner lips. The only difference:Kevin’s shape is rounder and wider, closer to egg shape and Nicole’s shape is much more longer, a long heart shape. So let me know what you think and enjoy the visuals!




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2 responses to “Nicole Kidman-Kevin Bacon

  1. Kat ⋅

    Great article. They really do have similar face structure. But I would suggest some photos of Kidman from Dead Calm, those really show the similarity you talk about. Cheers! 🙂


    • keh1016

      Owner and composer/correspondant of face shapes 101 in reply,

      OMG actually I did. It was this one…

      Great suggestion!

      Thanks Kat! BTW I always liked the name Kat and Katherine. I have a cousin named Catherine too.

      Just in time for October you deserve some Halloween Nicole to Kevin theme gifs…

      I said it too came to mind when I saw this lookalike. I made it and couldn’t find it but they both definitely have that narrow skull-like structure, spooky lol

      Your comment was wicked good fun. Thanks for the awesome suggestion.

      In addition, I find who could be the parents later on. You can find them under a-z combinations.

      Hope you enjoyed. Flying away now and thanks for visiting.


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