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Animated Lookalikes pg 22


Phillip Seymour Hoffman Dexter in Dexter’s Labratory


Pitch Animated Lookalikes


Pochahontas Jillian Hennessy (Will move to similar list asap)-Both have the similar v chin, very wide and round. This is one example of a Pochaontas lookalike and I will try and find the other…


Prince Harry Syndrome from Disney’s Incredibles-Both troublemakers with red hair and I can see Jason Lee in both of them…


Prince Phillip young-old


Principal Trunchbull in Matilda Queen of Hearts in Alice In Wonderland 


Professor Lupin in Harry Potter movies 3-7, Tasmanian Devil 


Queen in Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)


The Wicked Queen from Snow White (Kim Bassinger & Alec Baldwin’s daughter)


Queen Latifah Mama Owl


Ralph Fiennes Rat in Great Mouse Detective 


Rapunzel from Tangled Unknown-First I noticed this unknown lookalike looked alot like Amanda Seyfried-Annasophia Robbs. Then, I saw she looked even more like the character Rapanzel from Tangled… (For more click here).


Reba McEntire Animated Lookalikes 


Reese Witherspoon/Sara Paxton “Ginormica”- I’m starting to see Katie Holmes/Alexis Bledel in Ginormica. But I noticed Reese’s caricature starts to look like Sara Paxton with a much wider shape…


Rene Zelleweger; Fish Characature in Dreamwork’s Shark Tale– I notice the animated caricature and Rene herself look very close to the con woman from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels…

The Wicked Queen from Snow White (Kim Bassinger & Alec Baldwin’s daughter)

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