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October Newsletter

10/2/14 11:30 pm

itsover tired
Sorry about delays in updates of recent pgs released, have had increased workload. Will update soon. I am currently working on some new combinations for the combinations pg. They will be done soon. Also, thanks for taking the polls on that pg, interesting input. Also, thanks for the comments. Will post favorites ones later this week. Thanks for visiting and I will try to be back tomorrow/this weekend. Getting enough done as soon as I can to come back. Thanks again for stopping by…


i agree and am content

Phew, most of my work-done! I see people have been voting on the polls on the combinations pg. One has gotten a lot of feedback: “Meryl Streep + Pierce Brosnan=Rachel Weisz”. So far it has received the most votes, also most interesting votes, therefore debatable thanks guys.I will be back soon to elaborate/add on newest pgs which you can find on the newest letter. There is also a link provided for one of them above. Thanks for visiting I look forward to your feedback and will reply to comments as soon as I can. I might have time to answer them all and who knows- your comment might even be mentioned on the comment/sidenotes pg.

Thanks for visiting.

10/7/16 3:30 PM

Finally have free time on my hands. I am updating and answering comments as I speak. Thanks for visiting will be back later.

10/8/14 11:00 AM

Very interesting, I looked at the most recent polls on the combinations pg featured and saw one in particular, the Cody Simpson one. Looks like people agree 50/50. Thanks for voting, surprising because I just uploaded that new one the other day. Thanks for visiting will be back soon and enjoy!

Here are some new lookalikes and somewhat-alikes. I will provide the links for these new lookalikes, creating the pgs and finishing them as fast as I can. Here is a preview of each…


Nicole Kidman Me


Rudy from Cosby “Younger Rudy” from How To Get Away With Murder


Jennifer Connelly and girl from How to Get Away With Murder


Jared Leto guy from Twisted and How to Get Away With Murder


Isla Fischer daughter from Duck Dynasty


Mark Walberg Guy from Like Mike Matt Damon

Somewhat Similar…

Daniel Radcliffe-Shane West



Kidman-Lancster (Draiwng)


anagexag of shape hurdwoodyoungmilicentold

Rachel Hurd Wood (Daphne’s mother on Frasier young)-Old:Daphne’s mother from Frasier


Medusa from the Rescuers Unknown

10/13/14 I actually have a spare minute today, so I am updating the posts you see here. Also I love reading my readers’ comments. Thanks for commenting. Also be sure to check out the combinations pg where the polls are. I would love to see others’ feedback. I am considering extending the lookalikes site when done, a separate one for animated lookalikes like the one you see above, most recent. Thanks for reading. Also here are some new affirmations, new affirming searches, linking to my site, based on others research, not just mine.

affirmation affirmation2 affirmation4 affirmation5 affirmation6 affirmation7 affirmation8 affirmation9 affirmation10 affirmation12 affirming search 2 affriming search for 8 23

All of these above were searched by people who found my site last week and I found them very intriguing, that similarities in others are apparent than someone might think. So, thanks for reading and will be back soon.

10/16 4:05 pm: I am going through site today if any questions, comments or concerns you can drop a comment or find your answers in the FAQ. Thanks for visiting.

10/18/14 I have created new lookalikes for the week. I will put them online as soon as possible. I am in progress of transferring data to my new computer-yey! I am off to look at feedback.  Let me know what you think. Thanks for visiting.

Analagous (Very close)

There are some new ones in the Nicole Kidman one above. I noticed more of a similarity than I thought!

magical journey



Harrison Ford Unknown 



Jeremy Sumpter Unknown


Glenn Close Unknown 


Emma Stone-Lindsay Lohan


Tom Cruise-Sean Faris

Somewhat Similar:


Connie Britton-Bonnie Wright

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