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Indy 4 and the Gang:Indiana Jones and The Crystal Skull Cast


I drew this myself using technical pencils only-see the difference when you plan out the shape of the face first. You can still identify it the smallest amount of detail.

I was actually surprised how good this came out after enhancing it.It looks dark, bold, sharp and crisp like a coloring page effect. It was practically invisible, couldn’t see it when I scanned it. So, this is Indy 4 with all of the characters: Cate Blanchett (far left), below her Marion (Karen Allen), then next to her, up diagonally right is the “Double Agent” (can’t remember his name). Finally, Indy (Harrison Ford on the very top and his on-screen son Mutt played by Shia LaBeouf, riding his motorcyle far right-but watch out for the snake. Back when ads were better and prettier, before the economy started to tank, I saved this advertizement, a full colored, hq poster of Indy 4 and decided to draw it later on. There is so much detail, therefore I will cover each character one by one.

Cate Blanchett is far left, the only one standing with the mean expression implying she is the villain. In fact, I liked this Indy personally the best, likd the female villain for a change. Anyway, I drew Cate noticing her shape is wide and slightly round on the bottom almost square. Then drew the rest of her.

Next, below it I drew Karen Allen, or Marion below her. I noticed with the bangs and haircut, similar shape formation of bottom, she reminded me of Hermionie from Harry Potter. But, I told myself not to get back into the habit of associating people for when I do, I draw what I see, I almost drew, for a lack of a better word, misinterpreted her. Noticing her shape is much wider even if round appearing, I noticed her shape is much flatter and she looks very similar to Mary Steenburgen’s same shape. When I was done drawing her face, I noticed she looks similar to Mary Steenburgen, but identifiable as Karen Allen, just like Karen Allen herself. After that, I drew the agent next, upper right, to her. He also has a very wide face. The left side was easy, they all have very wide faces. Not completely square, slightly rounder on the bottom. So, the left side was a piece of cake.

Then to the right, I drew Shia LaBeouf. That was easy because I had drawn him before and his face shape is the longest of them all while Harrison, Indy’s shape is second longest, not as wide, but not as long as Shia LaBeouf’s. Then I finished the motorcycle underneath him. Finally, I drew Harrison Ford. I knew how to draw him by shape. The harder part was drawing his nose, but not revealing it in entirety for it has a shadow covering that part of his face. At first he started giving the illusion his shape was much longer and rounder like Bruce Willis, so I redrew the nose shape from how I normally drew it. Then it was fine. The hardest part was defining the features of Indy. But that was after I knew and drew his shape.

Once I drew everyone I filled in the background. There are eliptic shapes indicating where I will be drawing the small natives on the poster. Then knowing his shape, drawing him once before, I finished Harrison’s sillohuette running, slightly more detailed, right of the natives. Following that, I started drawing the border and drew the snake like a slanted s shape, the vines and the jungle look of it. Lastly, I drew the logo and instead of “Draw by Number”, a method I use indicating what and how to shade on a scale of light to dark, I used a similar method and instead indicated what color. But I think I will go back and put numbers, for I am not ready to handle the medium of paint or shading with colored pencils just yet. Once I master the art of shading, I will draw with colored pencils. That will be my own personal triumph. Anyway, I worked my way inside, slowly with detail and worked my way out exterior of the face, to the body and around it, the background, the border. Then I finished it. All I have to do is shade it.

But what a difference it makes to know what, identify with what you are drawing the shape of things to come before drawing it. So thanks for reading and I will post more outlines I have done in the near future. I need to outline more detail in them first, get it as well shown as this one otherwise it won’t show up at all on the scanner, that’s how light the pencil is when drawing it-it barely shows up on the scanner. Not a big deal, just can’t scan them for a little while. So enjoy this one and I will make more, thanks for reading and let me know what you think.

Also here is the original link for the image…

indianajonescast (2)

Here is the original image


Here is the original image

Most recent (Link is coming soon)…

 Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones Before Drawing



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