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Hayden Panetierre-Drawn in More Detail…


Another example of an ad, body sketch. But it is of one of the people from my favorite shows on right now:Nashville, even if the show was a total bore, the music is great! Love it! So, here is a drawing of Hayden on Nashville show from the Candie’s ad. Like the next one, this pic is a few years old. I started drawing her from this pic several times and starting using the pic the last time I was in New York. So, off the top of my head the original image is several years old which means it took me a while to figure out how to draw Hayden, just as any other person. But I never let personal frusturation get the best of me, once mastered I loved drawing people and still do.

I can just draw it under absolute certainty, of study, know-how and much faster, in more detail, identifying it by shape 100%. So anyway, you can see speaking of identify there is a quick-sketch of her face to the left under her name. You can see the shape and features according to the apportionment of shape. There should be nine lines. Also, it shows her shape is heart, but is formed almost like an oval. This is the apx eliptic shape that is often refered to as round, egg, oval, any eliptic shape, but in actuality, it is flatter and see how it comes to the slightest point, comes to one side on the bottom , like a trilateral/ heart shape?

But the fullness and roundness of shape of Hayden’s appears much fuller, round like when it is actually a heart. Knowing this I drew it identifying her. My challenge is actually sketching the word seen here, called Candie’s. Because sketching words, is borderline writing words and my writing in actuality is actually terrible? Notice how much my signatures change? I am trying to perfect it. Which in itself is my “signature”, in this meaning, trademark. Here is the original pic and for the next Hayden drawing scroll down…


Speaking of signature instead of writing out the name of the person, I like to write it just as I do drawing people, identifying with it. I like to draw, sign the name as they write it, but slightly more clearer so it is legible, because some signatures are not legible. Kind of like when you chose a different font/style for different words typed, so it has its on style signature, identity, not just within the face, but the name too. But of course, their signatures are easier to write then my own, a bit of a perfectionist I admit. So, assides from the signed name, just as described previously, identified with it, drew the shape. You can see how I pre-sketched her shape, very small, to the left of her face. That is because when you draw people, especially from another perspective other than the front, it really helps to know the shape, main/front so you can draw it from another perspective based on that.

You can see her face is from another perspective assides from the front in this drawn Got Milk ad. Also, this drawing is a few years old like the original pic drawn from. It talks about being a hero, talking about her show previous to Nashville earlier called, “Heroes”. So, I drew her face and then the body shaped like the shape of face. short, wide round, not very long and continous, like her whole contour also- she is only 5’2″. I had a fun time drawing this. I think I drew it in 30 minutes on a plane. Just a tip if interested: when you’re in a moving vehicle on the ground or not-expect movement. But don’t consider that as a problem trying to draw, think of it this way-when you are on a ship, you want to have movement, have the wind move your sails, so the progression of the movement, so you can get to your destination faster. Whereas no movement, it takes longer to reach your destination, finish what you intend to do. It is just the same as when you are drawing. Movement in a vehicle is not an obstacle. Expect it. There are two ways to draw when being in a moving vehicle:

1) The more movement you feel sitting in the sit, the less you move the pencil. Most of the time you are moving it will be rocky, bumpy, so your pencil will move. You physically don’t even have to pic up your pencil to sketch, you can ever so gently tap, or drag your pencil to another position, moving it, letting the vehicle move the pencil for you. Like a or a lie detector, the graph, the surface underneath tends to move, but the pencil goes along with it, letting it move, continously sketching on the surface. Going with it,slightly drags, sketches swipes in the direction it wants to go having the movement of the vehicle move the pencil iteself rather than your hand forcing to move it, the movement of the vehicle is mostly moving the pencil for you.

But when there is big movement coming your way, react quick as possible before the bump effects your sketching by lifting your pencil up and off the paper, keeping your eye on the spot you were drawing. That way during the big bump your pencil never touched the paper, you don’t mess up and you can keep drawing, it’s basically like pausing when you are drawing, then continue to draw on the spot you have your eye on. That way you never mess up in moving vehicles and continue to draw with more of a control.

So, drawing this pencil on a plane barely moving my pencil and expecting bumps, my pencil moved faster. I completed this drawing, the detail of it in about less than half an hour. Also a plus in moving vehicles, in this case a plane, I am more focused on drawing because I am concentrating on it more, being in a seat, drawing on a surface, with time slowly passing by I made it go faster y staying busy, keeping myself occupied, directing my attention on drawing in more detail. on airplane . Also because my attention is more focussed, interested on drawing, also making me able to draw this faster.Either way on your bed, in a car whatever, if you know what you are drawing, have more control, you can draw intentionally what you want, 100%, draw it even faster. That was my experience drawing this. Now like many others, I just have to go back and detail but it is identifable, which was my intention. Also, here is the original pic it was drawn from.


Here is the original…

Hayden has that shaped face where it appears very oval, but is actually slightly more elongaed. Also, it almost has a more squareness to it seen in features of shape of face and features- reason being, she could be difficult to draw with that very unique feature. Even though her shape is more elongated, it almost as well as square-wide. If it were, with the same roundness to it, would be equivocally, continous and round, would have an oval shape. But, you can see demonstrated it is her with an almost oval shape, appearing so but slightly more flatter, elongated. You can see the different perspectives I drew her in. Once you know the front of face shape, it is much easier to draw other perspectives, being like a guideline. For one example, as seen here, if wanting to draw a profile, halve the shape and the same shaped features according to, but only revealing half of them. Then once the shape of outline is determined, defined like others draw bold as this, go back and shade them if desired. But, you can see without need of value whot this is identifying the person’s shape, using a technical pencil to do the job. All of these drawings of Hayden were from pics around the same time, and several years old. From about the time after she did Disney Flicks, before the movie Bring It On-the time when she starred in the show Heroes.


Here is Hayden faced front and

Here is the original…


Another one, slightly younger-notice how her shape appears more fuller and oval? Still the same shape, only appearing younger in youth, also, it is simpler of an outline, but in the smallest instance, can still tell who it is. There is no hair because the photo itself was cropped. I will hoever go back and indicate line directions showing hair on the left and right side. But again, the main focus is the shape…

Here is the original…


Knowing the shape really helps. The bottom one started to look like her past costar, Abigail Breslin with a slightly wider, heart shape. So, i made it longer, appearing more oval but heart shaped like her face shape. You can see it in both here…

Here is the original…


Here is Hayden with a 1/4 turn to the left. I have more lines drawn of the hair. No value yet, but shape to specify indentity should come first, so the person is more recognized being more definite, having a more definite outline of shape. This drawing is about the size of a baseball card, or a little smaller than that. it can fit into the whole pam of hand. This is where the technical pencil came in handy.Don’t worry, its not as hard as you might think to draw on a smaller paper. In addition, I have drawn literal thumbsized papers, not just thumbnail. Also, in more speicifcs of measurement-2-4 inches in length. You can see some of them featured on this page, on other pages of site using the same technical pencil, is so small, that you can still see the dots very small, with the lines over it, closing, defining the shape of face of person.

Here is the original…


Here is another one of Hayden taken closer up, almost half, side of profile, and not 1/4. If I had to be specific I would probably say a 1/3 turn to the right, or her left.

Here is the original…


You can see it is her. However, this is justification showing, any deviation change of shape, in the smallest increment starts to change its temperament. For this example, I almost drew the nose complete oval, almost like someone else with a more oval shape. But, it is just as defined in face shape with the features to follow, you can see it Hayden with a 1/4 right turn profile. Had I taken it further, not knowing the shape it would be someone else with that oval shape and not Hayden Panettierre, which I avoided knowing the shape-see the importance of knowing the shape of face drawing-so you get the exact person intended..  Also, drawing the front before side, using it as a guideline to draw from other perspective helped too.

Here is the original…


Here is Hayden’s profile, but not complete half side if more specific. The eyes and mouth are faced closer to front, while the nose is from the side. If she was turned further right, even in the slightest, going away from viewer, would be a complete profile. But, you can see the same shape of face.

Here is the original…

Here is the most recent I have done including the whole entire cast of Nashville



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