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What sites do you reccomend the most?

LOL-Just Kidding 22


I recommend these sites outside of my source that you can find on my link pg. Specifically without going there, I will provide the links below…

In addition, I have used this combined the technique of mine which is specific analysis I came up with on my own: Analyzing the exact closeness of found, specified face shape. (For ex. Mine is a long heart shape, closest to the people mentioned below, also with a long-semi-long heart shape). I have used this sites to confirm the results…


Also, if these two sites don’t work. There are two other face match sites I have found below…


These sites have helped me figure out how people correlate based on shape and facial dimension, overall in closest appearance, myself too. I have figured out who I resemble pretty close to this.

In the past, I have been told in general anyone having dark brown eyes, hair with a long-round shape. Gee-that narrows it down

LOL-Just Kidding 32

But seriously, since then I have come up with better matches than this one, but it helps you figure out who you are somewhat similar to and whoever else has similar matches/results is the most similar to you.


Personally based on results, I found mine were:a brunette Nicole Kidman


and somewhat Amy Adams-Jennifer Jason Leigh and second-third somewhat most not as close to people with face matches somewhat of Amy-Jennifer whether more like one or the other.

In addition, I will see if I can find the other results saved from the other lookalike sites. But, here is just one of them below.3rdmatchnk


which is funny because I hear and see a little of it on my mother’s side including my cousin, mother and my grandmother. ( and somewhat of my father’s side). So I guess I’m not that bad looking-lol!

Another site with the same purpose, but a much better visual guide and more entertaining. Based on the shape and similar correlation I have figured out what figure is similar to two or more people.

It is called…


If you have trouble on the site like I did at first, but then figured it out, google two names and most likely it wil show up on google on morphthing pg, and you can save the picture. The example above shown is done of Nicole Kidman, Daniel Radcliffe (I always saw a little of them in each other as well and later  results from votes of polls confirmed it.

In addition, more about this example I made on the site is long-round like Nicole Kidman’s, but much rounder-wider, almost more egg-oval like Daniel Radcliffe’s. In addition, I have found the person closest to this shape. For more about that, visit the combinations page on the bottom menu and look for listed examples showing  the two combined. If it is not available, I will provide it in the future. But, this site besides finding closeness of shape, visual of as you can see endless, even entertaining possibilities.

As you can see, this one is a lot of fun and even helps simulate, make computer models of faces rather than drawing them in black and white and even the facematch sites recommended recognize them, come up with pretty good matches-if not finding one matching the simulation, it helps to look at the face shape in this case of the one above: long heart, somewhat rounder (Semi-long Heart shaped).

But, before I get too off subject…

As you can see, this site especially made my day, literally “Made” my day, by visually simulated, modeled so many more possibilities. It goes more in-depth on the concept of drawing as well as this one below…

The only drawback it is does not explain in vast depth , (of face shapes  like this pg here because this subject discussed here are based from my own original ideas, from discovered visual, conceptual theories proven in different kinds of models/diagrams and numerous forms of feedback left on this site).

Draco Malfoy is moderately impressed

However, it is very well written in form of fundamentals, how to draw someone in general even without knowing shape and  explicitly explains drawing concepts and principles in general which is very useful, I highly recommend it.

So, those above mentioned, are the best for the site and may I say my personal favorites.



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I am going to Greenville Tech, majoring in Design, have thought and studied technical, analytical, full-proof methods/techniques for 20 years on the subject and consider every angle before publishing my posts. Then, utilize them in a fun, personal way using engaging activities critical thinking, up close and personal level on the subject-even using my own pictures for a comparison, on the subject of faces. Face it-when it comes to drawing the people, study compare and draw or utilize in a different way. Hey, use it or lose it right? Also, you can contact me via comment or the tumblr page available on the bottom menu. Thanks for visiting.

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