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Alicia Silverstone & Paul Rudd=Nicholas Brendan

I noticed Paul Rudd and Nicholas Brendan are similar. They both have the same width. Then I noticed shape has more length, is longer and slightly rounder more than Alec’s making him look more like Alicia than Paul would. He looks like  Paul Rudd and Alicia Silverstone at the same time.  If Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd and had a son, he would look like Nicholas Brendan.


Notice the two are somewhat similar with like Paul’s width of shape like Nicholas, not vastly to each other. But, they are different because represents Nicholas represents Alicia closer with slight more with vast width unlike Paul, the fullness and depth of her shape, making him more like Alicia than Paul could and wbeing similar to him, his he could be his son.

So how does he look like Alicia Silverstone  also?

To verify the matter of this precognized assumption…

Using the first method, I configured what Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd’s kid would look like, so I took the length Alicia’s  of shape… (will draw a vertical line across the shape, but here is a visual…)

Alicia Silverstone

and the width of Paul Rudd… (on the far right, below)


Paul Rudd skinny heart

and got…

xandar nicholas heart more in length

Nicholas Brendan

To elaborate how I approach this idea…

There are two ways I predetermine what someone’s daughter or son would look like:

1) I take 1/2 of the dimensions of both, and combine them. Specifically, One’s length of shape and the other’s exact width of shape. With those dimensions, I figure out based on how long and wide the shape of face is, what shape it would be, then I think-who can I think of at the top of my head has that shape? Then if I see half of the dimensions the length of of one person and the width of the other in them, 50/50, at the same time, then I think, they could be the child of those two people.

Another way, I believe the shape of the face is shown within the features, the eyes, nose and lips, otherwise it is not that person with that shape and someone similar. Anyway, assides from the face shape, the feature that shows shape the most, and most distinct is the nose. I use the nose to predetermine shape if I can’t see the whole face. If I can’t see the whole face, I can’t see the whole shape, but if I see the nose, it shows the characteristics of the face shape, whether the shape of the nose is long, round etc; With the nose, I draw the two people’s nose, the outline of the nostrils and the middle between the nostrils, which should show the shape of face, the eyes, nose and mouth, shape are drawn according to the face shape itsself. So, I draw a hyrbrid of the outline of nose shapes drawn and then draw the rest of the face having the same shape of nose and that is the kid.

I tried this approach one time with Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. I always wondered what their kid would’ve looked like. So, I drew a hybrid formation of Kate and Leo. I started drawing the nose. I noticed the nose forms an egg shape. Then I finished the sketch with the eyes and mouth and shape of face having the same egg shape. Afterwards I looked back it and it looked just like Jesse McCartney. Afterwards to see if this cognition worked, I looked at a real pic of Jesse McCartney. The drawing look just like him for one thing, then solely looking at the drawing, I saw Leonardo right away. Then I noticed the full, extensive shape and fuller features than Leo’s and saw Kate Winslet staring back at me at the same time two. To verifty, I looked at pics of Leonardo, Kate, then Jesse and thought, “OMG, he could be their son!” Which is funny because he is considered a lookalike to Leo to begin with and I realized that but I never saw the other half of Jesse unseen until I did this experiment. He also looks like Kate at the same time two while Leo does not.

(will provide link in the future for this passage)

I’ve found these two approaches work in seeing how a kid would look like and then knowing structures from studying and drawing them so much, I can picture hybrids without looking at visuals. One time I was watching the Italian Job and thought if Charlieze Theron and Mark Walberg had a kid, it would look like Poppi Monroe. Then, looked at a pic of Poppi Monroe and thought-she looks alot like Charlieze, but  her shape is wider and flatter and she looks like Mark at the same time! Now, I can picture I guess you can call them, “Love-children” without even looking at a visual, but then look at them later to verify. Some of them were a little off, so I ended up rethinking some of them and improved on them. Also, the ones that I noticed didn’t have a 50/50 resemblance, then the ones that did, were similar side by side, so I can see dimensions of other people’s appearance in my head. Then I combine them. This starts to cross the line to creative rather than logical thinking, but I always go back using logical reasoning of these cognitions, perdeterminations and they work.

(will provide link in the future for this passage)

I’ve even come up with what my kids could look like with different fathers, one at a time and later found they are similar to me in some dimension. For one thing, I noticed my daughter could be Amanda Seyfried. I know what you’re thinking-yeah right! But, she looks more like the father and the caricature drawn of her in Epic, her charcater, shape exaggerated, looks just like me. It has my long heart shape and same features to match! So, there is the slightest similarity between Amanda and I. Also, my shape has similar formation to hers. It connects the same way I found when I draw it. The father, I figured out later was Daniel Radcliffe noticing who was the other half of her, not in me. I noticed, Amanda has my length of shape, but she also has vast width of Daniel’s shape and I looked at a pic of her and then noticed, she looks like me and him. But, she is prettier than I am and has Dan’s blue eyes and slightly lighter skintone.

(will provide link in the future for this passage)

So, using these two methods, I can picture what people’s children would look like, or what famous figure they would resemble, look most like…

He does look like Paul Rudd but then she starts to look like Alicia Silverstone. Debatable 50/50, who does he resemble more Paul Rudd or Alicia Silverstone?  You decide, but I believe people represent their parents 50/50 and sometimes depending on perspective, their dimensions of features and shape appears slightly more like their mother or their father. Which is why it is debatable if someone looks like their mother and father, because there is more than one perspective of a person’s point of view. In this case, people will probably see in perspective that he is more similar to Paul having  the same kind of shape, semi-long heart.

Everyone sees half of the dimensions of the person, being the mother or the father. Some people see the mother in the person, others see the father. Which is why it is debatable. But based on what I have found, I believe they resemble each 50/50, sometimes one more dominant than the other based on perspective. I look at this and keep asking myself Paul Rudd or Alicia Silverstone’s? Actually, some people see one or the other, but it’s really both 50/50 if you think about it. Because a daughter/son is made up from traits of the mother and the father . Being two people, split in two, is 50/50 like the mother and the father. In this case, Nicholas Brendan is 50/50 like Paul Rudd and Alicia Silverstone. But based on one’s perspective, they either see one or the other more being Paul Rudd more so, or Alicia Silverston more so. One is more dominant than the other in another’s eyes.

I hope your head isn’t spinning. I mentioned the page was in depth and I bet you believe me now. We all have ideas, it’s just a matter of writing them down and organizing and especially this page will be organized alot.But just for fun, there is a poll…

However this poll turns out, is based on the majority of people’s perspective. Who people see more so in Nicholas Brendan…Who do you think Nicholas resembles? Take the poll if you like.

Let me know what you think-enjoy!

For more examples…Back


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