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Aaron Echart & Laura Linney=Taylor Spreitler

I saw an episode of Fraiser starring Laura Linney and her ex boyfriend, played by Aaron Echart and thought-what would Laura Linney and Kelsey Grammar’s kid look like? I noticed a picture of Amy Bruckner. First, I saw Laura Linney in her and then Kelsey Grammar. Afterwards, I saw them both in her at the same time. She could be their daughter and then I noticed someone similar to Amy Bruckner, but looking more like Laura than Kelsey.

Then I thought-who could be the father,? Who is the other half? Later,  I noticed the slightly rounder, longer shape than Kelsey’s and then all the sudden, it hit me-bam! Aaron Echart, the other guy, her boyfriend before Frasier on Frasier. Aaron Echart and Laura Linney’s daughter would look like Taylor Spreitler. It’s funny because Amy is similar to Taylor, because they both  have some facial dimension of Laura Linney!. Also, they could be half sisters. Seeing that Laura Linney could be both of their mom’s and Aaron could be Taylor’s father, and Kelsey, could be Amy’s father. In addition, also in personal opinion, I think Taylor is better embellished looking version of than Amy. Which is also funny because I think the person that could be her father-Aaron, is better looking than the person that could be Amy’s father, Kelsey.

anag jennette mccurdy amy bruckner

Notice the two are similar to each other. They are similar to each other because they both are similar to Laura Linney. But, they are different because Taylor represents Aaron closer in shape more han Amy does and Amy represents Kelsey’s shape more than Taylor does. They could be half-sisters! They both have the same length of shape but Taylor, has vast width, more depth in her shape than Amy’s. Her shape is much fuller,  rounder, apx oval shape and Amy’s is much flatter, trilateral shape…

Both are similar to Laura Linney…

Laura Linney

To elaborate how I approach this idea…

Here are a few examples tried using these techniques…

So, I noticed Taylor Spreitler and Laura Linney were similar at first, then I noticed the width of flatter heart shape of Aaron Echart’s that was wider than Laura’s. Then I looked at  Taylor and noticed her shape was noticeably round, but slightly rounder and wider like Aaron’s heart shape. Then I noticed that Laura Linney’s shape being flatter lacked that quality. With this I noticed at the same time unlike Laura even if similar to, the other half of Taylor, she looks like Aaron. She looks like Laura Linnery and Aaron Echart at the same time.  If  Laura Linney ended up with Aaron Echart in Fraiser, their daughter would be Taylor Sprietler.

Using the first method, I configured what Aaron Echart and Laura Linney’s kid would look like, so I took  Aaron’s width of shape… (will draw a line horizontally across the shape, but here is a visual…)

I took the length of Laura Linney’s face shape…

Laura Linney

… and Aaron’s width of shape


and got the exact dimensions, the length and width combined of Taylor Spreitler


She does look like Laura Linney, but then she starts to look like Aaron Echart. Debatable 50/50, who does she resemble more Laura or Aaron? You decide, but I believe people represent their parents 50/50 and sometimes depending on perspective, their dimensions of features and shape appears slightly more like their mother or their father. Which is why it is debatable if someone looks like their mother and father. Because there is more than one perspective of a person’s point of view.

Everyone sees half of the dimensions of the person, being the mother or the father. Some people see the mother in the person, others see the father. Which is why it is debatable. But based on what I have found, I believe they resemble each 50/50, sometimes one more dominant than the other based on perspective. I look at this and keep asking myself Aaron or Linney? Really some people see one or the other, but it’s really both 50/50 if you think about it. Because a daughter/son is made up from traits of the mother and the father . Being two people, split in two, is 50/50 like the mother and the father. In this case, Taylor is 50/50 like Laura and Aaron, but based on one’s perspective, they either see one or the other more being Laura more so, or Aaron more so.

I hope your head isn’t spinning. I mentioned the page was in-depth and I bet you believe me now. We all have ideas, it’s just a matter of writing them down and organizing and especially this page will be organized alot.But just for fun, there is a poll…

However this poll turns out, is based on the majority of people’s perspective. Who people see more so in Taylor…

Let me know what you think-enjoy!

For more examples…Back


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  4. Aaron Echart & Laura Linney=Taylor Spreitler | face shapes 101-


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