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“Sim-Drome” Prince Harry and Syndrome from Disney’s Incredibles



The shape of Prince Harry and Syndrome is very similar. They both have a long, somewhat round shape and similar features, therefore the dimensions, proportion, composition, spacing of features are also similar.


They both have fair skin, blue/green eyes, red hair, long somewhat round shape and similar to Jason Lee in some dimension, vastly exaggerated. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking at the one on the left, Harry and I’m waiting for him to say, “I’m Syndrome, your nemisis”!


I was looking at an unknown lookalike picture with Prince William next to it and thought that the unknown may look like him, but he also looks more similar to Prince Williams, than Prince William’s actual brother Harry does, but anyway, the second thing I thought was that this pic looked like Syndrome, of the Incredibles. An exaggeration of Jason Lee’s shape, longer and rounder with much lighter skin and red hair, looking somewhat like him. Actually he looks a little like Jennifer Love Hewwitt and Jason Lee at the same time. I guess if they had a son in Heartbreakers, he would be a troublemaker, a con-artist like Jen too…

As for spacing, Harry on the left has a slightly flatter, wider less round shape, so the spacing of his features accordingly are wider and slightly more confined, therefore take up more space, flatter across the face than Syndrome to the right. His features taking up more room and his shape wider and shorter, his chin is shorter rather than longer and rounder like Syndrome’s. His forehead is also, like his shape rather than Syndrome’s flatter and wider. Syndrome’s being the opposite his features are according to his shape, longer and rounder. They take up less room therefore his chin and forehead are spaced quite the opposite of Harry, his forehead and chin are longer and rounder. Notice for him according to his shape, his features are also longer and rounder, long angular while Harry’s are slightly wider and flatter, but still semi-long.

skintone:Who can you picture with blonde hair better? Harry or Syndrome? If you guessed Syndrome that would be acccurate because Syndrome’s skintone has slight more yellow like the color blonde hair has, more so than Harry’s, who skin is very fair, pink and almost no brown tone within the pink tone and no yellow whatsoever. Also, it helps the cartoon villain also did have blonde hair in the beginging therefore it is easier to picture. Anyway, Harry has the fairer skin and syndrome’s is slightly darker, but both having alot of pink tone with slight brown in it in their skin, their hair reflects that off well, having red hair. How? Pink is made up of red and white and their hair is red. Having pink tone in skin, their skintone is well complimented, not shown to extreme wearing red hair.

trademarks:Both having very fair skin, they don’t have any trademarks, markings on their face. Also no scars, nothing of the sort.

eyebrows:Both have eyebrows, not seen at first. That is a good photo of Harry, but you can barely see his eyebrows and I don’t know about you because it tends to creep me out. But, you can see the white outline with a slight line, where the eyebrow shape could be. It appears more natural and less weird on the cartoon however because his eyebrows are covered with the mask, and being a cartoon, if unnatural, being an exaggerated animation representation, it appears better to have no eyebrows on him rather than a real person, so either way it doesn’t look as noticable as Harry’s unvisible one’s.

whole eye shape: according to Harry’s and Syndrome’s shape both form a semi-long shape and Syndrome’s form a long-angular shape.

eye shape: They fit and are formed accordingly to their own shape and another difference of the eyes are Harry’s are darker and Syndrome’s being an exaggerated character, his eyes are much lighter blue, almost green.

whole nose: Formed to their shape, Harry’s slighty flatter and wider shape being flatter comes to a flatter point in the middle and Syndrome’s is rounder in the middle, so it forms a point, or a v being round on the bottom, just like the chin, is formed rounder on the bottom.

bottom nose shape

Harry’s flatter and wider and Syndrome’s is longer and rounder, just like their shape.

sides of nose left and right

Harry’s flatter and wider shape of nose formed to his face shape is wider on the sides, and Syndrome’s nose is more angled and on the sides, is longer and rounder, like his shape, the shape being longer and angular, the left and right sides of his nose are smaller, bigger in the middle and Harry’s nose being wider and flatter, is wide in the middle and longer on the sides. You could say they are inverted versions of each other, just looking at the nose. For ex, flip Harry’s shape upside down and instead of being flatter and wider on the top and somewhat round on the bottom, flip it and it would be somewhat round on the top and flatter, wider on the bottom.

middle of nose whole shape of lip top lip bottom luip They both have very thin long lips, but Harry’s lip is wider on the bottom.

teeth are shown:shape of/”teeth line”/formation under mouth/bottom of shape/jawline:


They are both somewhat similar to Jason Lee. The caricature of Syndrome was based on an exaggeration of Jason Lee’s features and Harry is also a representation of exaggeration of Jason Lee, or “Syndrome”, but more a realistic version while Syndrome on the right, is a cartoon or just a drawn vastly exaggerated interpretation of Jason Lee.



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