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Helga (From Disney’s Atlantis)/Unknown


If there was a real-life Helga, with these similar shape and proportions,it would look like this person to the left.

When I saw Helga in Disney’s Atlantis, she reminded me of a blonde Angelina Jolie. In fact the person exaggerated would look like this girl on the left. I saw this on google images and she looks like Jolie, but with blonde hair just like the caricature.

The differences in their proportions:

Also, the nose is close to the lips, given the illusion they are full like Jolie’s but slightly flatter than the real person next to her.Helga’s eyebrows may have same length, but are slightly thinner and slightly darker. The cartoon distance between top of head/hair line and from eyebrows, spacing of forehead is slightly shorter than the unknown on the left.

Here is another example…


I found a real life person who looks like Helga from Atlantis even more. Yes at first, she looks like Jolie but notice how the face is slightly more long and more oval like Kate Winslets, with the slightly lighter skintone?  Even thought they are different chracters in different movies, one dressed up as Jolie’s double at the premiere of Malificent and the other a mere animation with some of the hairline seen, they both are similar to Angelina Jolie/Kate Winslet and both are similar in character, bad-girl type, dark and mysterious with sense of adventure and blinded by vanity/greed and even sound similar to Jolie’s voice. I willl elaborate more, but thanks for visiting




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