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Combinations T-Z

There are many on this last pg that have to be moved. This page and other a-z pgs have to be rearranged, moved and linked to the deviations pg. But I hope you enjoy what’s on the a-z pg! Even more to come soon on the subject!…

Let me know what you think…


Taran Kilam & Amanda Bynes=Paul Walker (R.I.P.);(Pictorial is coming soon).


Tarzan & Jane=Blake Lively

Tate Donavon Jennifer Aniston Emma Roberts

Tate Donavon & Jennifer Aniston=Emma Roberts

Tate Donavon Sandra Bullock Kate Hudson

Tate Donavon & Sandra Bullock=Kate Hudson


Taylor Ball & Kylie Lendon=Johnny Depp 

Taylor Ball Kylie Lendon Alana Austin

Taylor Ball & Kylie Lendon=Alana Austin 

Taylor Ball & Kylie Lendon=Charmainn Carr

(Here is the most recent match).


Tea Leoni & Ben Stiller=Christina Moore


Tea Leoni & Jim Carrey=Kristen Bell (Pictorial is coming soon).


Tea Leoni & Ted Danson=This unknown

Ted Danson & Bebe Neiuworth=Kim Bassinger

Ted Danson Terry Farell Spencer Locke

Ted Danson & Hattie Winston=Spencer Locke


Ted Danson & Kirsty Alley=Mel Gibson


Ted Danson & Mary Steenbergen=Will Ferell


Ted Danson & Rhea Perlman=This Nicole Kidman-Mila Jovovinch simulation


Ted Danson & Shelly Long=Ashley Tisdale/David Boraznez


Thomas Haden Church Leslie Mann Oliver James

Thomas Haden Church & Leslie Mann=Oliver James

Tilda Swinton & Leo DiCaprio=Devon Sawa


Tim Allen & Julie Bowen=Andrew Lawrence


Tim Allen & Kirstie Alley =Emma Stone


Tim Allen & Patricia Richardson=Jake McDorman

Tina Fey & Jim Carrey=Lindsay Lohan


Tim Allen & Wendy Crewson=Justin Hartley



Timothy Hutton & Alicia Witt=Shane West


Tina Fey & Mark Walberg=Kay Panabaker

Tina Fey & Will Ferell=Emma Watson

Tim Allen Jill Hennings Mary Elizabeth Winstead


Tom Cruise & Eva Green=This Harley Quinn character

Topher Grace Donna70sShow Alexis Bledel

Topher Grace & “Donna” from That 70’s Show=Alexis Bledel


Tobey Maguire & Charlieze Theron=Hilary Duff

Toby MaCGuire Reese Witherspoon Jamie Lynn Spears

Tobey MacGuire & Reese Witherspoon=Jamie Lynn Spears/Madonna


Tom Cruise & Kirsten Dunst=Calista Flockhart


Tom Cruise & Kirsten Dunst=Chloe Mortez

(Here is the most recent).


Tom Cruise & Vinessa Shaw=Amanda Seyfried


Tom Cruise & Vinessa Shaw=Kristianna Loken (This is the most recent).

Tom Cruise & Demi Moore=Emma Watson

Tom Cruise Demi Moore Jonathon Taylor Thomas

Tom Cruise & Demi Moore=Emma Watson/Jonathon Taylor Thomas



Tom Cruise & Emily Blunt=Eva Green; Shane West

Tom Cruise Glenn Close Rene Zelleweger

Tom Cruise & Glenn Close=Rene Zelleweger

Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Sean Faris

Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Vanessa Hudgens

 Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes=Sean Faris/Vanessa Hudgens

Tom Cruise & Kelly Preston=Chris Pine/Julie Gonzalo/Mandy Moore

Tom Cruise Kelly Preston Chris Pine


Tom Cruise Kelly Preston Mandy Moore

(This is the most recent male match I found in addition to previous).


Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise=Omari Katz


Tom Cruise Nicole Kidman Richard Armitage


Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman=Daniel Radcliffe/Richard Armitage

Tom Cruise Rene Zelleweger Heather Graham

Tom Cruise Rene Zelleweger Robin Wright


Tom Felton & Helena Bonham Carter=Noel Fisher


Tom Felton & Bonnie Wright=Emily Deschanel


Tom Hanks & Elizabeth Perkins=Rachel McAdams

Tom Hanks & Helen Hunt=Emily Osment

Tom Hanks & Helen Hunt=Emily Osment


Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan=Avril Lavinge

Tom Hanks Melanie Griffith Jennifer Lawrence

Tom Hanks & Melanie Griffith=Jennifer Lawrence

Tom Hanks Shelly Long JTT


Tom Hanks & Shelly Long=Jonathon Taylor Thomas


Tom Hanks & Shelly Long=Kirsten Bell

Tom Hiddleston & Scarlett Johanson=Daniel Radcliffe


Tom Selleck & Courtney Cox=Evan Rachel Wood


Tommy Lee Jones & Sissy Spacek=Josh Harnett


Tommy Lee Jones & Ashley Judd=Jodi Lynn O Keefe


Tommy Lee Jones & Cate Blanchett=Daniel Craig

Tonks & Lupin=This unknown lookalike


Tony Goldwyn & Demi Moore=Josh Hutcherson

Tony Goldwyn Demi Moore Kimberly Williams Paisley

Tony Goldwyn & Demi Moore=Kimberly Williams

Tony Goldwyn & Peri Gilpin=Jonathon Jackson


Topher Grace & Donna from that 70’s Show=Embeth Davidtz

Treat Williams & Michelle Pfeiffer=Kimberly Williams


Trudy & Oscar Proud=Christina Millan

(Coming soon)


Unknown & Kristen Bell=Ryan Gosling


unknown in Housesitter & Steve Martin=Charlotte Church

Unknown in Housesitter & Steve Martin=Charlotte Church


Val Kilmer & Ashley Judd=Jonathon Taylor Thomas

val kilmer tea leoni cody simpson

Val Kilmer & Tea Leoni=Cody Simpson

Vince Vaughn Isla Fischer Amanda Bynes

Vince Vaughn Isla Fischer Michelle Pfeiffer


Vin Diesel & Lauren Graham=Meredith Burns

Vince Vaughn Isla Fischer Michelle Pfeiffer

vince vaughn isla fischer smg

Vince Vaughn & Isla Fischer=Michelle Pfeiffer/Sarah Michelle Gellar; Ellie Bamber (Coming Soon)

Vince Vaughn Reese Witherspoon Chris Pine

Vince Vaughn & Reese Witherspoon=Chris Pine



Vinessa Shaw & Omari Katz=Heather Graham/Mila Jovovinch


Violet & Luke from Mom=This unknown 


Will & Grace=Katherine from Great News/Briga Nelson

(Pictorial is coming soon).

Will Ferell Tina Fey Sam Huntington

Will Ferell & Tina Fey=Sam Huntington


Will Ferell & X-Girlfriend in BeWitched (movie)

Will Ferell Zooey DesChanel SMG

Will Ferell & Zooey DesChanel=Sarah Michelle Gellar

mr. deeds lovechild


Will Fredelle (Duncan) & Elizabeth (Hallie) from My Date w/ The President’s Daughter=Unknown from Casper


Will Fredelle & Maitlin Ward=Bradley Cooper

Winona Ryder & Adam Sandler=Heather Graham


Uma Thurman & Chris O Donnell=Chris Pine

Uma Thurman & Jude Law=Brie Larson


Jessica Wieson & Vick from Casper=Unknown Rapunzel lookalike

Image result for Wendi mclendon and adam sandler

Wendy McClendon & Adam Sandler=Brittany Snow (Pictorial is coming soon).

Will & Grace’s friend=Sarah Michelle Gellar

(Pictorial is coming soon).

William Baldwin Sharon Stone=AJ Michalka

William Baldwin & Sharon Stone=AJ Michalka

Winona Ryder Adam Sandler Me

Winona Ryder Adam Sandler Isla Fischer

Winona Ryder & Adam Sandler=Me/Isla Fisher-Looking at this one on top and this one below, I will see if I can find a closer match for Isla in the future…


Winona Ryder & Channing Tatum=Amy Adams


Winona Ryder & Christian Slater=Bella Thorne

Winona Ryder & Vince Vaughn=Stevie Brock


Woman in Diary of a Mad Black Woman, John Q & Steve Harris=Gabrielle Union

Woody Harrelson Demi Moore Josh Hutcherson

Woody Harrelson & Demi Moore=Josh Hutcherson;Tom Felton

Woody Harrelson Elizabeth Banks Devon Sawa

Woody Harrelson & Elizabeth Banks=Devon Sawa/Rachel McAdams

Yeah, the two both vastly look like either Woody or Elizabeth. But, look again how they look different, is how they differ, who else they look like at the same time. At first, I always saw Woody in Devon and then Elizabeth Banks in Rachel McAdams, vice versa because Rachel McAdams was really famous before Elizabeth. Anyway. here are some combinations of the two if they were on the same team and had two kids, a son and a daughter…


Elizabeth Banks Woody Harrelson Rachel McAdams

Woody Harrelson & Emma Stone=Chad Michael Murray

Woody Harrelson & Jackie Swanson=Avril Lavinge (Here is the most recent).


Woody Harrelson & Jackie Swanson=Taylor Swift


Woody Harrelson & Jennifer Lopez=Olivia Wilde


Woody Harrelson & Nicole Kidman=Bonnie Wright

Woody Harrelson Julianne Moore Devon Murray

Woody Harrelson & Julianne Moore=Devon Murray

Woody Harrelson Sandra Bullock Jena Malone

Woody Harrelson & Sandra Bullock-Jena Malone

Woody Harrelson Shelly Long Jean Smart

Woody Harrelson & Shelly Long=Jean Smart



Vanessa Hudgens & Alex Pettrifyer=Alex from Totally Spies/Robert Pattinson


Zac Efron & Taylor Schintz=Sara Paxton




Zac Efron & Zendaya=Christina Aguilera


Zac & Angela from Bones=Ralph Macchio

Zachary Ty Bryan & Maggie Lawson=Me

Image result for wyatt russell 22 jump street

Zachary Ty Bryan & Maggie Lawson=Wyatt Russell

(Pictorial is coming soon).

Zoe Salanda Jason Marsden Michael Seater

Zoe Salanda & James Marsden=Michael Seater


Zooey DesChanel & Bradley Cooper=Claudia Schiffer


Zooey DesChanel & Josh Hutcherson=Unknown



Zooey Deschanel & Justin Bartha & Andrew Lawrence/This Unknown


Zooey Deschanel & Paul Rudd=Nicole Kidman

Combinations:translucent (female) + translucent (male)=figure  or  translucent (male) + translucent (female)=figure (depends on who has the similar length and who else has the similar width of shape as figure, altogether, 50/50 creating a new figure…

If you look at the picture on the far left, then the picture next to it, “Don’t they both resemble the picture on the far right?” If it does,  you’ll think, “Oh they look like that person, but wait they resemble the other person as well at the same time”. Also, one of the two people they resemble (the transulcents/parents), will equally represent the result. The result, will should resemble both equally, not one more than the other , 50/50 resemblance. 50 % like the one on the left and 50 % like the one on the far left of the result. Sometimes the one in the middle, their their structure, is apparent or dominant given the illusion that the structure on the fat right looks ” 100 %, or “Just like them,”. One example:Woody Harrelson & Elizabeth Banks=Devon Sawa:At a glance, Sawa looks JUST LIKE HARRELSON, but if you examine closer, that is only 1/2 of his make up. What makes 1/2 of Sawa:Harrelson’s length of  face shape. Now who’s width of  face shape, or other 1/2 does he have? Until I saw the Hunger Games, I had no idea! Then I saw this pic of Sawa after the Hunger Games and realized, he may  have Woody’s length of shape, eye shape and nose, but he has the width of Elizabeth Bank’s shape and the lips too. That was the other 1/2. But Woody’s features were more dominant therefore more aparent in Devon. Woody’s features are more dominant and apprent than Banks. His nose is much more dominant than Elizabeth and Elizaebth doesn’t have too many dominant features, just her dark eyes and shape. making Woody’s features dominant and Banks features subordinate in comparion. Woody’s nose is dominant because it is smaller, but curved and angled at the same time. I tried drawing him sevral times and ended up drawing either John Goodman, Bill Pullman, Aaron Echart,Robin Wiilliams  Jude Law or Deon Sawa or Tom Felton. They all have similar structure and if it wasn’t for his unique nose, I would’ve been able to draw him sooner. Off subject,I think Devon is actually a better looking  younger version of Woody because Elizabeth’s feature’s embellish Devon making him a more distinguished Woody.

After coming up with deviations combinations and variations of structure, that is the most complexed part. Once this is achieved, you can analyze a structure all the way /have a “sense of laterality”,like the chapters described alone and write down your trials and experiences on the sidenotes page. I would love to hear how and if my methods worked and if they helped you know to draw a figure better. There are some examples in ch 9.



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  27. Will there be a part two? Who raised you? They deserve a medal for a job well done. Way cool! You have made my day!


  28. I will follow your social sites. You’re an great story teller. You are obviously very knowledgeable.


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      Owner/Writer/Creator/Correspondent of faceshapes 101 in reply:

      Funny enough Two worlds by Phil Collins,

      fitting for these examples was playing when I read your comment.

      Obviously destiny played a part and a great story to be told, your comment. I was most fortunate to come across it and enjoyed every bit of it.

      Thanks for your classic comment and for visiting.


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