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Combinations M-O




Maggie in The Holiday & Jack Black-Unknown:Angelina Jolie Malificent & Helga from Atlantis Lookalike

Maggie Lawson Nicole Kidman

Maggie Lawson & Jonathon Taylor Thomas=Nicole Kidman (pictorial is  coming soon).

Maggie Smith Alan Rickman Olivia Wilde

Maggie Smith & Alan Rickman=Olivia Wilde

Malin Akerman & Ryan Reynolds=Jewel


Mandy Moore & Eric Von Detton=Tom Felton



Mandy Moore & Matthew Goode=Landon Liberion


Mandy Moore & Milo from This Is Us=Emma Watson


Maria Bello & Aaron Echart=Emma Watson

Marion Cotilliard LeoDiCaprio Kirsten Stewart

Marion Cotiliard & Leonardo DiCaprio=Kirsten Stewart

Marisa Tomei Joe Pesci Eric Lloyd

Marisa Tomei & Joe Pesci=Eric Lloyd


Marisa Tomei & Steve Carell=Joanna Garcia;Will Fredelle


Marisa Tomei & Tim Allen=Ralph Macchio

Marisa Tomei William H Macy Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Marisa Tomnei & William H Macy=Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Mark Ruffalo Judy Greer Topher Grace

Mark Ruffalo & Judy Greer=Topher Grace

Mark Ruffalo Jennifer Garner Liv Tyler
Mark Ruffalo & Jennifer Garner=Liv Tyler


Mark Walberg & Alyssa Milano=Michael Keaton


Mark Walberg & Catherine Zeta-Jones=Drake Bell


Mark Walberg & Eva Mendes=Josh Hutcherson

There is also a new female match I have found for Mark and Eva, not yet linked here but linked from the post above. For more about that and/or the male match including Josh Hutcherson, click above).


Mark Walberg & Margot Robbie=Hilary Duff lookalike unknown

I have found a closer, female match coming soon.

here is a new male match

Mark Walberg  & Margot Robbie=Drake Bell

Mark Walberg Mila Kunis Jake Thomas

Mark Walberg & Mila Kunis=Jake Thomas


Mark Walberg & Reese Witherspoon=Mary Kate; Taron Eggerton


Marley Shelton & Geek from Sandlot=Cameron Diaz


Marty & Jamie Lee Curtis in Christmas With the Kranks=Paul Walker


Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Nicholas Braun=Amanda Schull

Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Ryan Merriman=Rachel McAdams

Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Ryan Merriman=Rachel McAdams

Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Steven Strait=Jesse MetCalfe (This is the most recent).


Mary Louise Parker & Bruce Willis=Alexa Vega

Mary Louise Parker Bruce Willis Kate Beckinsale

Mary Louise Parker & Bruce Willis=Kate Beckinsale

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and hat

Mary Steenburgen & Christopher Lloyd=Christina RicciMary Steenburgen & Christopher Lloyd=Christina Ricci

[poldaddy poll=9869116]


Mary Steenburgen & James Caan=Gwenyth Paltrow


Mary Steenburgen & Michael Douglas=Amanda Seyfried


Mary Steenburgen & Michael J. Fox=Keri Russell

Mary Steenburgen Ted Danson Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Mary Steenburgen & Ted Danson=Mary Elizabeth Winstead


Mary Stuart Masterson & Grady from Fried Green Tomatoes=Charlieze Theron

Matt Damon & Charlieze Theron=Jeremy Sumpter

Matt Long & Amanda Bynes=Chris Evans

Mary-Kate Olsen & Jason Clarke=Taaron Eggerton

Image result for billboard dad cast

Mary-Kate Olsen & Sam Saletta=Tom Felton (Pictorial is coming soon).

Matt Damon Emily Blunt Taylor Momsen

Matt Damon & Emily Blunt=Taylor Momsen

Matt Damon & Emily Blunt=Patricia Arquette (This is the most recent).

Matt Dillon & Cameron Diaz=Shane West

Matt O Leary & Emma Watson=Lucas Grabeel
Matt O Leary & Emma Watson=Lucas Grabeel

Matthew Broderick & Sloane from Ferris Bueller=Nathan Gamble (pictorial is coming soon)

Matthew Lawrence Maitlin Ward Jesse Metcalfe

Matthew Lawrence & Maitlin Ward=Jesse Metcalfe


Matthew Lawrence & Maitlin Ward=Sara Paxton


Matthew McConaghey & Emma Stone=Alison Brie


Matthew McConaghey & Marisa Tomei=Me

Matthew McConaghey Sandra Bullock Matthew Lawrence

Matthew McConaghey & Sandra Bullock=Matthew Lawrence

Matthew McConaghey & Sandra Bullock=Sara Paxton

(Pictorial is coming soon).


Matthew McConaghey & Sarah Jessica Parker=Kirsten Bell (I have found the most recent match-coming soon).


Max Thieriot & Kristen Stewart=Amanda Seyfried 

Maya Rudolph & Chris Rock=Janel Parrish


Me & Andrew Lawrence=Unknown


Me & Channing Tatum=Sarah Michelle Gellar


Me & Chris O Donnell=Amy Adams

Me & Andrew Lawrence=Michael J. Fox

(There is another match I have found and will add it to the ones I found asap).

Me & Chris Evans=Cate Blanchett


Me & Chris Pine=Emma Watson

I found some below I found of male and female who look somewhat like the both of Daniel Radcliffe and me (more about all of them here, a total of 7). If you would like to vote for any the polls are now available here and on the pages featuring them as well…



Me & Daniel Radcliffe=This unknown/Nicole Kidman-The picture of the fanart was beautiful as well as inspirational-not mine. There is a link to the original artwork, located on this following link and more about this post).


Me & Daniel Radcliffe=Landon Liborion

Me & Daniel Radcliffe=Noah Silver

Me & Daniel Radcliffe=Noah Silver


Me & Daniel Radcliffe=Jude Law


Me & Daniel Radcliffe=Richard Armitage


Me & Daniel Radcliffe=This Harley Quinn character


Me & Daniel Radcliffe=This unknown 

Me & Daniel Radcliffe=This unknown Jude Law-Noah Silver match

Me & Daniel Radcliffe=This unknown

Me & David Henrie=Peri Gilpin/Roz from Frasier


Me & Devon Murray=Jonathon Toews; Naomi Watts

Me & Devon Werkheiser=Elizabeth Perkins

Me & Devon Werkheiser=James Kirk


Me & Frankie Muniz=;Charmiann Carr from Sound of Music (R.I.P.);Tom Felton

and a second, female match (Coming soon).


Me & Josh Hutcherson=Asa Butterfield



Me & Kevin Bacon=Unknown


Me & Joey Lawrence=Unknown

Me & Jonathon Taylor Thomas=Christian Slater


Me & Matt Damon=Josh Hutcherson


Me & Matthew Lawrence=Unknown


Me & Mitchel Musso=Kate Hudson 

Me & Richard Armitage=David Henrie


Me & Riely McClendon=Taaron Eggerton


Me & Riley Smith=Sigourney Weaver



Me & Riley Smith=Shane West; This unknown lookalike


Me & Robert Pattinson=Unknown


Me & Ryan Gosling=Winona Ryder 


Me & Shia LaBeouf=Taylor Swift


Me & Tom Felton=Unknown

Me & Unknown=Elijah Wood 


Me & Unknown=Kevin Bacon

Meg Ryan & Hugh Jackman=Unknown;Paul Walker 


 Meg Ryan & Matthew Broderick=Jennifer Lawrence



Mel Gibson & Rene Russo=Chris Hemsworth


Melissa Joan Hart & Josh from Sabrina=Kristen Bell (Pictorial is coming soon).


Melissa Joan Hart & Nate Richeret=Emma Stone



Melissa McCarthy & Billy Gardell/Mike & Molly=Casey Wilson; Gus from Recess



Melissa McCarthy & Bradley Cooper=Me


Melissa McCarthy & the guy in Tammy=This unknown. (pictorial coming soon).

Melissa McCarthy & Jude Law=Mandy Moore (Coming soon).

Melissa McCarthy & Zach Galifinakis=Alison Brie (pictorial is coming soon)


Melissa McCarthy & Jason Bateman=Amy Adams

Meryl Streep & Kevin Kline=Kate Winslet

Meryl Streep & Kevin Kline=Kate Winslet


Michael Aranganaro & Danielle Panabaker=Unknown

Michael J. Fox & Claudia Wells=Michael Seater

Michael Keaton & Kelly Preston=Michael Vartan


Michael O’ Keefe & Cindy Morgan=Taylor Swift


Michelle Monhagon & Adam Sandler=Sara Paxton

Michelle Pfeiffer & Devon Werkhieser=Amanda Seyfried

Michelle Pfeiffer & Jeff Bridges=Bradley Cooper;Michelle Williams


Michelle Pfeiffer & Kurt Rusell=Emily Deschanel


Michelle Pfeiffer & Mel Gibson=Rachel McAdams


Michelle Pfeiffer & Michael Keaton=Channing Tatum


Michelle Pfeiffer & Peter Gallangher=Evangeline Lily


Michelle Pfeiffer & Sean Penn=AJ Michalka

Michelle Pfeiffer & Tommy Lee Jones=Sarah Michelle Gellar

Michelle Pfeiffer & Treat Williams=Chris Pine


Michaela Colin & TJ Thyne=Lacey Chabert


Michelle Pfeiffer & Kurt Russell=Tom Felton

Michelle Pfeiffer & Paul Rudd=Mary-Kate Olsen (This is the most recent match featuring Paul Rudd instead of Ashton Kutcher). 

Michael Douglas & Demi Moore/Demi Moore & Michael Douglas (Same vice versa)-Heather Graham (This is the most recent).


Michael Keaton & Kim Bassinger=Andrew Lawrence


Michelle Pfeiffer & Kevin Bacon=Daniel Radcliffe


Michelle Pfeiffer & Tom Cruise=Hilary Duff


Mila Kunis & Ben Foster=Christina Ricci


Mila Kunis & Ben Foster=Devon Murray

Mila Kunis & Denzel Washington=Catherine Zeta-Jones 


Mila Kunis & Devon Murray=Emma Stone

Image result for daniel radcliffe gif

Monica Potter & Robin Williams (R.I.P.)=Daniel Radcliffe;

Image result for michelle williams in oz

Michelle Williams (Pictorial is coming soon).


Monique Coleman & Corbin Bleu=Zoe Salanda


Milo & Helga from Atlantis=Nolan Solitto


Montgomery Clift & Elizabeth Taylor=Tom Cruise (Pictorial is coming soon).


Mr & Mrs. Banks=Paul Walker (R.I.P.)


Mr. Drake & Rebecca aka; Kirsty Alley (From Cheers)=Paul Walker (R.I.P.)


Naomi Watts & Jude Law=Me


Naomi Watts & Liev Schrieber=Unknown Dakota-Elle Fanning lookalike


Naomi Watts & Liev Schrieber=Noah Silver (New male match)

You might be aware that the past two have the same person. This person in both examples has a very round-almost elongated shape like the two, of both genders, in both examples. Also, I found these in two different instances, one before the other. But, feel free to vote in both instances, who you think the Dakota-Elle Fanning lookalike looks more like.

For more click on the next few pages, or the next below if interested. Thanks for visiting.


Natalie Portman & Jude Law=Dianna Agron


Natalie Portman & Chris Hemsworth=Daniel Radcliffe


Natalie Portman & Tom Hiddleston=Me


Nicolas Cage & Monica Potter=Chris Evans

(Pictorial is coming soon).


Nicole Kidman & Ben Affleck=Unknown


Nicole Kidman & Ben Chaplin=Unknown




Nicole Kidman & Bradley Cooper=Sarah Rafferty; This unknown cartoon;Richard Armitage


Nicole Kidman & Casey Affleck=Sin, Skullhead’s daughter from Captain America comics


Nicole Kidman & Chris O Donell=Me


Nicole Kidman & Chris Pine=Meg Ryan


Nicole Kidman & Christopher Walken=Unknown


Nicole Kidman & Colin Firth=Michelle Pfeiffer


Nicole Kidman & Dustin Hoffman=Amy Redford


Nicole Kidman & Edward Norton=This Vivian Leigh & Elizabeth Taylor morph


Nicole Kidman & Harrison Ford=Unknown


Nicole Kidman & Hugo Weaving=Unknown


Nicole Kidman & Jack Black=Unknown


Nicole Kidman & Jimmy Angelov from Practical Magic=This Nicole Kidman-Mila Jovovinch simulation


Nicole Kidman & Jimmy Fallon=This unknown


Nicole Kidman & Leonardo DiCaprio=Unknown


Nicole Kidman & Mark Walberg=This unknown`



Nicole Kidman & Nicolas Cage=Eva Green;Spencer Treat Clark


Nicole Kidman & Ralph Fiennes=Unknown


Nicole Kidman & Robert Downey Jr.=Unknown


Nicole Kidman & Ryan Gosling=Unknown


Nicole Kidman & Sean Penn=Rachel McAdams


Nicole Kidman & Taaron Eggerton=Emily Deschanel


Nicole Kidman & This unknown from Birth=This unknown


Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise=Omri Katz/”Max from Hocus Pocus” (This is the most recent male match, coming soon).

Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise=Nicole Kidman-Amy Adams sw catherine and isla-jojomatch

Nicole Kidman & Tom Cruise=Unknown


Nicole Kidman & Tommy Lee Jones=Leslie Mills


Nicole Kidman & Will Ferell

Nicholas Cage & Patricia Arquette=Jodi Lynn O Keefe (This is the most recent match).


Noel Fisher & Emily Deschanel=Tom Felton

Owen Wilson & Rose Byrne=Lindsay Lohan

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