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Combinations B

BeBe Neiuworth & George Wendt=Rachel Weisz

Bebe Neiuworth & Kelsey Grammar=Anne Hathaway;Leonardo DiCaprio

Bebe Neiuworth & Woody Harrelson=Phoebe Tonkin

Ben Affleck & Kate Beckinsale=Sharon Stone (This is the most recent one made).

Ben Affleck Kate Beckinsale Zooey DesChanel

Ben Affleck & Kate Beckinsale=Zooey DesChanel


Ben Foster & Kirsten Dunst=Charlotte Church









Ben Savage & Danielle Fischel=Michelle Tratchenburg/Taylor Swift

Ben Savage & Maitlin Ward=Tom Hanks   (This one is the most recent made).

Ben Savage Maitlin Ward Ralph Fiennes

Ben Savage & Maitlin Ward=Ralph Fiennes

 Ben Stiller & Carla Gugino=Ralph Macchio (Here is the most recent).

Ben Stiller Carla Guinigo Josh Hutcherson

Ben Stiller & Carla Gugino= Josh Hutcherson
Ben Stiller Christine Taylor Kirsten Wiig

Ben Stiller & Christine Taylor=Kirsten Wiig


Ben Stiller & Kim Ravers=Kevin Zegers







Ben Stiller & Kirsten Wiig=Logan Lerman/Lucy Punch



Ben Stiller & Malin Akerman

Image result for Dan Stevens night at the museum

(Pictorial is coming soon).

Ben Stiller & Nicole Kidman=Dan Stevens;

This unknown



Ben Stiller & Teri Polo=Sarah Rafferty

Ben Sturky & Raven Symone from That’s So Raven=Leonardo DiCaprio

Benjamin Bratt & Heather Burns=Alexis Cruz

Benjamin Bratt Sandra Bullock Jordan Hinson

Benjamin Bratt & Sandra Bullock=Jordan Hinson


Beth Broderick & Martin Mull=Cameron Diaz 

Bette Midler Danny DeVito Vanessa Lengies

Bette Midler & Danny DeVito=Vanessa Lengies


Bette Midler & James Caan=Rachel Weisz (This is the most recent).

Bette Midler James Caan Zena Gray

Bette Midler & James Caan=Zena Gray


Beverly D Angelo & Kevin Pollack=Charmiann Carr (R.I.P.)


Billy Crystal & Meg Ryan=Leonardo DiCaprio


Bridget Fonda & Bill Paxton=Ally Sheedy


Briga Heelan & Adam Campbell=Ellen Pompeo


Bill Paxton Charlieze Theron Carrie Underwood

Bill Paxton & Charlieze Theron=Carrie Underwood

Bill Paxton & Helen Hunt/Helen Hunt & Bill Paxton (either way, vice versa)=Jodie Sweetin (This is the most recent match found).


 Bob in Becker & Terry Farell=Matthew McConaghey

Brad Garrett & Elizabeth Perkins=Danielle Panabaker (Here is a more recent match).

Brad Garrett Elizabeth Perkins Carrie Underwood

Brad Garrett & Elizabeth Perkins=Carrie Underwood

Brad Pitt & Clare Forloni=Diane Kruger

Brad Pitt & Tilda Swinton=Rachel Hurd Wood 


Bradley Cooper & Amy Adams=Asa Butterfield (Coming Soon)


Bradley Cooper & Emma Stone=Olivia Wilde (Pictorial is coming soon).

Bradley Cooper & Michelle Monaghon=Emily Deschanel


Bradley Cooper & Nicole Kidman=Naomi Watts


Bradley Cooper & Me=Eva Green


Bradley Cooper & Eva Green=Winona Ryder

Bradley Cooper & Michelle Monaghon=Emily Deschanel


Bradley Cooper & Rose Byrne=Emma Watson



Bradley Cooper & Sarah Michelle Gellar=Rachel Weisz


Bradley Cooper & Sandra Bullock=Julie Anne Emery


Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Carpenter=Kevin Zegers

Bradley Cooper & Zooey Deschanel=Mary-Kate Olsen

Brittany Murphy & Ashton Kutcher=Mana Suvari (This is the most recent match)

Bruce Willis & the wife from Die Hard=Sarah Michelle Gellar

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