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comment pg pt 9

 Here are some personal favorites for this week…


I like it!

Thank you. I especially like the parts being: “Genuine Enthusiasm”. Thank you for your support. I really liked this one!


I am glad to help out. Thank you. I really like this comment!..

1/24/15 These are scheduled to be posted Sunday, but Sunday is busy so they are up for the week, a day earlier. Here are some honorable mentions, my personal favorites…


La-La-La, Love the praise!

I am glad your friend recommended this page. Thank you so much for your gratitude. I have also added links to other lookalike sites as well on the previous a-z listed page including:trans-gender,  Animated , and Very Close/Analagous Lookalikes if interested. Thanks for visiting and gives me pleasure to hear from readers like you.


Thank you, a well written classic and yet simple, short and sweet. For this reason this was one of my favorites this week!


Wow, how you came to here was a little off-subject. But, cool- I am glad you liked it. Sometimes the best things that we find are found when not looking for and I find that to be true. Thanks for your comment.


Wow, I had to think about this one for a few minutes. Basically title should support evidence and vice versa, but in more specifics of document and or/quotes, then quotes to back it up. My readers have found a lot of good quotes also and I am thinking of finding a bunch just for the blog or might quote them.

Also, after reading this, I am so pumped up, I am glad you find this post interesting and want to find out more. All in good time, just like the other posts. So many posts, so little time and I am finally done with most of the main updates to go back and update the original posts made. Thank you for taking the time to write this insightful tip. I will keep that in mind when editing posts. Thanks again!



1/31/15 8:00 pm

I am glad everyone here enjoyed the article and found it easily accessible. I also love the quotes with the smiley-nice touch by the way. Thanks for reading!

2/9/15 12:30 am Here are comments of the week.

Eek-I am sorry in the delay I have been constantly studying for my first major exam in one of my classes. So, here are my personal favorites, honorables worth mentioning…


Thank you Ralph Lauren. I love you looking at this from a more critical point and found it as, “Point received”. Dog-on it!

Thanks for the input very much!

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