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comment pg pt 8

For the next comment below: Thank you San Diego. I am glad you found it overall pleasing being easy navigation. I am glad you liked it and thanks again!

For the last one below of the three above with the smiley: nice touch! I love the included emotion and quote. I am glad you find it appealing, not just for yourself, but believe it will be just as beneficial for others-great perspective, input!


Referring to the top comment above, I have yet to elaborate on the face shape diagram posts because there are so many. Thanks for your response. I am glad you decided to look at that in that perspective. I think it will have an implication on society, bit by bit. If you figure out, label the shape, able to draw it, do the same for every person and know how it is formed whether it is rectangular, long angular etc; This will hopefully tackle the biggest challenge people have in drawing-people. It all comes down to their shape. I always wondered why people are hardest to draw-why it is assumed that people can’t draw people most of the time. I always thought it was weird because we are people, thinking from being people, one would know how to draw people. One day I came up with the answer: I would either draw a person not exactly like the original unintended in the past which is what most people do, not draw a person 100%-its hard and I realized the reasons why: People don’t know the shape of face, foundation and how to draw it exactly, drawing it similar-different to the original shape. Also, emotion can play a role-frusturation but another reason: association. I have found when drawing someone but off by an increment, slightly similar to someone else, close and not 100% it could also be because I associate one for the other in similar shape of face.

I find altogether when you know how to draw a person by their shape of face, you figure out the foundation and can build up from the rest being:The contoural parts, configured, proportional the same way, drawing different angles/perspective/position whether faced 1/4-1/2 way to left/right, or concealed, even a portion. Also once shape is completely identified can draw it 100% like that person intended.

All of these are the hardest results to achieve when drawing people, the very reasons and I have figured out how-by shape. I can draw any person by this and if I don’t know the shape, I don’t draw it until I do. I figure if people figure out how to draw a shape of face, hopefully the concept of drawing people is easier, my hopeful impact it will have on society, that drawing people doesn’t have to be as hard, just have to know the shape. So far, it seems to have helped some people. I still have a long way to go, lots to edit, write, edit and write for a lot of posts. But I hope this answers your question.

Thanks for making me take the time to think and respond. I love your comment. I had to read it a few times and think about it, but my impact is to help make drawing people easier: in more specifics of knowing shape before, then drawing it 100%. Or as I like to say, “Know the shape, know the structure/form”.

Thanks for visiting! Happy Thanksgiving.


Referring  to the bottom comment…

Thank you. I am glad you inquired about explanation, making me consider I ought to elaborate on how all of these pages came to be. I came up with idea for combinations one day by seeing similarities, of shape in others, lookalikes. These being a few, animated and real, most recent examples of Gemma Ward and her Disney lookalike Kiara from Lion King 2 and Steve Howey from Reba next to Ashley Tisdale’s fiance…

kiaraanag3 stevehoweyanag

Then I came up with somewhat alikes and in between, (but not vast, so they are posted on the somewhat-alikes pg instead of the vast lookalikes)…


These two are child actors, similar in shape, not vastly or somewhat similar. One is a young Nicholas Cage in National Treasure and the other is Nathan Gamble, a young lookalike of Josh Hutcherson in Dolphin Tale. Notice their difference in shape of face and nose? They are alike, but then noticably different-somewhat alike.

After that, I started seeing similarities of people, more and more in occurrence, even the slightest, vaguest I could see two-three at one time…


Rene Zelleweger, Glenn Headly, Jennifer Tilly, Amanda Detmer… (from most oval to least, almost oval shape).

Then I would test it out. When seeing two others in that person it would be either one female/male similar to someone else of the same gender, similar to him or her, most similar to more than the other and at second glance similar to someone else. Like this one example…


This person in the middle is similar to two others of the same gender, one slightly more so than the other. You can see the girl in the middle is closer, more similar in shape to Emma on the left. Being very close, I noticed she looked like Emma Stone at first. Then like Emma Stone, similar to her she is also somewhat similar to Lindsay Lohan but even more so. At second glance, unlike Emma, her shape is slightly longer, flatter almost long angular shaped like Lindsay Lohan’s far right.

That is an example of someone similar to two others of the same gender, one slightly more so than the other in shape of face. Later on I noticed over 3+ and besides noticing similarities in two others of the same gender, I started noticing similarities in the other gender, or as I like to refer to as cross/transgender.

This is an example of one, but shows one half of the puzzle of seeing the enigmatic similarity of someone else, the other half, even in the slightest of other gender or in this case, seeing similarities of a female in male vice/versa…


For this example: I saw Kevin Bacon in Nicole one day. She doesn’t look like a man, and he doesn’t look so much like a girl, but they both look like they could be related. They both have a noticeably long shape slightly round too. Having similar length in shape, I noticed they have a similar shape altogether. But, Nicole’s shape is much flatter and Kevin’s is wider and rounder so Nicole also looks like someone else at the same time. They both aged pretty well too on an additional note, maybe the aging process is taking a long time to catch up with how long both of their shape of faces are…just food for thought

So, one day I figure out based on different gender-man and woman/woman and man, depending on who I saw similarity in shape first, who shared the length first, then the width second, altogether 50/50 representation in that person. I could see a combined similarities of two different people based on gender or, “Combinations”, love children. I noticed these few to start off…

Sometimes when watching movies and there would be an onscreen mother or father I would try to picture the other half and noticing the similarities in shape being length, width of the one present I would guess the other.

For this example of one of the first few I noticed…

I always saw Colin in Hugh Dancy, especially in Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Colin Firth Hugh Dancy

I watched What A Girl Wants and he was the father of Amanda Bynes and Kelly Preston was the mother. But, what would the son look like-him. I noticed at first he looked like Colin, but secondly has similar lack of width of shape, narrower and longer like-Kelly Preston.

Colin Firth Kelly Preston Hugh DancyAltogether, looking back he represents a combined similarity of them pretty well, or a lovechild, a combination of them both. But based on perspective some people notice one or the other more so, so I ask who people see more in that person.

Ever since then, I have come up with multiple combinations/lovechildren. Some even more and more hybrid, mixed 50/50 in perspective where they appear to represent both 50/50 and here is the one that you inquired about…

Ashley Judd & Gerard Butler=Christina Ricci

This is the one you asked about:Ashley Judd + Gerard Butler=Christina Ricci. A few questions come to mind one being, “How did I come up with these three”?  Most of the time I find similarities in people who have affiliated with others, on-screen. In this case, I was watching Olympus Has Fallen, and so did its ratings of approval in the box office-bad movie. So, Ashley Judd was in the beginning of it and Gerard Butler was also in it. They were in a scene together and seeing them together, knowing what their shape looked like, their similarities, the shape: length and width combined looked like Christina Ricci.

Here is another similar example…

Bruce Greenwood Ashley Judd Jennifer Jason Leigh

The first time I saw Jennifer Jason Leigh she reminded me of a dark Amy Adams, Winona Ryder and Christina Ricci. They are both similar in shape- to Ashley Judd. They both have the same long shape as hers and like Christina, I figured-who else does she look like at the same time: Nick in Double Jeopardy or Bruce Greenwood. She could be the daughter in Double Jeopardy had she had a daughter and not a son. Then I looked back and the combined similarities and noticed her shape is somewhat like Christina’s but slightly more wider, like Bruce (far left).

Ashley Judd & Gerard Butler=Christina Ricci

Bruce Greenwood Ashley Judd Jennifer Jason Leigh

You can see form the two above how they are somewhat similar to each other in shape:Christina with a long heart shape slightly more similar to Ashley Judd with a similar longer shape, more similar in length while Jennifer’s is slightly wider, more semi-long, not as long as Ashley Judd and Christina Ricci’s, like Bruce Greenwood here. I notice the slightest similarities of both in one person, even if the visual is not present-first the length, then the width of shape. These being two similar examples. I even start to see Bruce in Christina, but then I see Ashley more so, than Bruce, both having the same long shape.

The first example I came up with, the real start of this was when I was watching Mamma Mia with Meryl Streep. That movie was also horrible too. So, the whole mental concept the movie was basically from the start, of the character played by Amanda Seyfried **SPOILER ALERT** was just the same as I my mentality, trying to figure out who her father was. Her mother was Meryl Streep in the movie, and she came across 3 possible others. I could not see Pierce Brosnan being the father nor the much older guy, I could see Colin Firth being the father. In the end, it all comes to light and you can tell who was by looking into his eyes, his expression.

At first, ( I don’t have the visual yet), but I could definitely see Meryl Streep in Amanda Seyfried, both with similar length of shape, somewhat similar to Kate Winslet with long and somewhat round shape. Then looking at Amanda’s shape, I could see the other missing half: the width, how it differs from Meryl’s: her shape is much wider and flatter like… you guessed it, Colin Firth. Also Colin Firth played Amanda Bynes father and I could see Colin in her just as much I could see Colin in Amanda. With a noticeably long length of Meryl’s and vast width of Amanda’s her shape is equally long and wide, and represents them both 50/50. Also, I even clarified later on by thinking, then who would Pierce Brosnan and Meryl Streep’s daughter look like if not Amanda?…

Pierce Brosnan Meryl Streep Rachel Weisz

This showed the difference, that Rachel like Pierce unlike Amanda, her shape is much more rounder and wider, almost egg/oval shaped appearing. At first, she looked like Pierce with similar length, the same width, of the oval like shape of Meryl’s. I could see a combination of them 50/50 and not so much Colin. Moving on, If figured out other examples these being the first two correlating similarly but this prior example much later than the other.

So that is how I came up with the concept: most of the time it was because the people have worked together onscreen before and I would picture their lovechild/another in the movie. Sometimes, the people haven’t even worked together and I still see combined similarities one from each gender. I even saw some people, combinations including me:

zachary ty bryan maggie lawson me

Once I knew my shape, how to draw it, I saw the combined similarities of others. This time affiliated together in the past, I was watching Home Improvement and Maggie Lawson from Psych had guest-starred as Brad (Zachary Ty Bryan’s) fiance. I knew what both of them looked like in shape and later saw the combined similarities in me. I saw Maggie Lawson in me, but noticed I had a longer shape, like Zachary Ty Bryan. Altogether, I noticed in shape I look a little like both: like Maggie Lawson with a longer shape, having the length of Zachary’s shape, for he has a noticeably long shape to begin with (semi-long), then also being somewhat rounder on the bottom, having similar width to Maggie Lawson’s shape, Like Maggie’s oval appearing shape, but much flatter and longer like Zachary’s. Guess I can’t be too bad-looking if I am similar to Maggie Lawson for I found she is similar to Alicia Silverstone, Nicole Kidman, with a rounder nose.

Anyway…So, that is how I came up with the concept of combinations: combined similarities of two others, one of each gender: male and female, one before the other noticing length or width, altogether 50/50 from perspective one more like the other and have been coming up with many…

Colin Firth Kelly Preston Hugh Dancy

Pierce Brosnan Meryl Streep Rachel Weisz

Ashley Judd & Gerard Butler=Christina Ricci

Bruce Greenwood Ashley Judd Jennifer Jason Leigh

zachary ty bryan maggie lawson me

It all came back to noticing similarities, even in the slightest and knowing shape of face. Which helps when coming to drawing a lot, but it helps to think of it the opposite way when drawing:shape, then similarities. So, thanks for reading this long tale and I am glad you were more interested in the inspiration involving much perspiration explaining the topic. Feel free to take the poll on the page where you left the comment if you like I would love to know who you think resembles who more so and Thanks for commenting, for asking about this.

12/1/14   9:45 am


Actually, no all me. Thanks for commenting on this post for now I know with concise, the results are nice, or should I say nicer. I am glad you liked the article. It would still be my own words, writing ideas but if I could afford to hire someone to type all this out, I would while I would continue updates and organize the pgs, but just me here. Thanks for reading.

12/15/14 Here is the most recent favorite…

Thank you for reading. I put this up not too long ago and have also re-posted it on a pg similar, just of Animated Lookalikes, to the pg you commented on. It can be found here…

I really appreciated how you shared the news with your coworkers and am glad you liked it. Thank you ever so much!


Here is another particular one I enjoyed, was my cup of tea…


Thank you. I am glad you liked the pg. Glad you find enjoyable and refreshing. Thanks again for reading.


Thanks. I think you are the first to comment on this Animated Lookalike. I think you are one of my very first or, much earlier readers. Welcome back. I look forward to your future visits. Later.


Thank you. I enjoyed your comment immensely.


Wow, thank you for reading. I don’t see too many comments on that one as much as others this month. Love the input!


Thank you for commenting and I am glad you enjoyed it as much as I have writing and making the pages. Love the input!


Sorry, I haven’t been back in a week. Its been a more laid-back week. But, I still have been busy adding new pages, amending them and new updates. It was actually possible to scan about 150 new drawings-including the original pictures, enhancing them, uploading them to new-made pages in less than 3 days… For that reason, there was a delay in display of favorite comments.


I am so pleased. Thank you for your support. I haven’t gone through this much depth, verbally outside of this blog yet-yes I am a bit of a perfectionist and critical of my own skills. But, thank you so much and I love that you’re excited about this. Thanks for finding them how you says-significant. Love the input!

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