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Thank you Werner. Your comment was wonderful as well. Glad this ended your hunt. I am glad you liked this enough to share and you sound like you are quite the writer yourself-thoughts are very well-organized, transitional, in order. Thanks for your enthusiasm and for visiting Werner.

inspiration for new post



Thanks Jason for your wonderful response for which inspired me to write a new post, which I have responded back to your comment, giving you the link for. I have been meaning to write something like that for a while and now I have to thank you for your input.

7/30 3:00 pm

I have read and heard wonderful comments making my day. I wish I could post them all. But here are the ones I really liked. Thanks for your comment, maybe yours will be mentioned here…


Thank you so much Dale for sharing this. I am glad you liked it enough to comment and thanks for visiting.




Thanks so much for your kind words. I am overwhelmed with happiness. I try, thanks for reading and for visiting.

I especially enjoyed these this week. Thanks for reading, I will be back to mention more later this week after releasing next month’s newsletter.  Love the input!


These are out-of-order, but are from the last few months. I enjoyed reading these in particular. One more pending-who knows it might be yours. Thanks for reading.

3rd one

Thanks Dustin for calling my posts educational. I am glad you your daughter Tanya showed you this and you liked enough to comment. Thanks for visiting and tell Tanya I said thank you as well.


You certainly make me feel like a winner. Thanks Lottery for your recommendation. I will keep that in mind. Thanks for commenting and visiting.


lol Luxury Goods, glad I could help. It had to be said, feels so fortunate, luxurious and comforting to read your comment, gives me a peace of mind as well as excited to know it helped you out. Thanks for your comment and for visiting.


Comment, good show, you have as much enthusiasm as a Jim Carrey movie character. This stands out, such positive encouragement.


cotd21   Commend the Effort 4

What a nice gesture. Thanks you for your comment it was really sweet Gerri. Best of luck to the next…

cotw3 1st one

Thanks Nike, I try to keep a rhythm going and keep going in the process. But enough monkeying around-just kidding. I love how you said “Keep It Smart”.

Thanks your for your comment and for visiting.


cotd31cotd211cotw2 1st one

I can’t get the whole comment to show up on any, I wish I print screened as soon as I read them, but I enjoyed reading them all. So, shout out to Toeic for commenting. Sounds straight from the heart.

This is one of the many readers commenting on my site, that I enjoy reading their feedback. Thanks for visiting and your comments have made this site worthwhile. I have also replied to two of your comments.

11/14/14 I am sorry I haven’t posted honorable mentions for a while. I have been super busy. Nonetheless, I have picked one of my favorites. The database accidentally deleted the comment when I told it too save. Ugh, anyway I love the comment from the user who commented, whose last name is Vaughn. In regards to Vaughn…

Thank you so much for your support, especially by financial. People do realize time is money and websites need money to operate. However, this is the exception. I love the site due to the fact it is beneficial,  and free. Until the day comes where that is no longer and option, running the site takes no money, but just time. However, I love how you want to be able to financially support or give a donation. That is great!  If I ever decide to take this beyond wordpress where I have to pay, I will keep your offer mind. Thank you so much. Also if you still wish to support this site, take some polls, surveys, face shape quizzes mentioned on the newletter. I would love personal perspective of others on these pages. Plus, I love to view the results saying so on the polls. Thanks so much for your comment and it is truly noted, also have a nice weekend.

11/23/14 I realize I have not posted comments of my favorite from last week. I didn’t have time to read and pick my favorites. But here are a few for the start of this week and I will post them the end of this week-twice in one week to make up for the last.

11/23/14 I realize I have not posted comments of my favorite from last week. I didn’t have time to read and pick my favorites. But here are a few for the start of this week and I will post them the end of this week-twice in one week to make up for the last.

Here are some I thoroughly enjoyed reading…



Worth celebrating,Thank you for that comment.  Glad I could help out, by making your argument, or prove your case. I like your enthusiasm!



  I can see from your comment you are very passionate about what you believe in- also your username. I’m not crazy about their email, personally I use yahoo.

Anyway, a round of applause on your effort. I am glad you liked the page and let me know if you like anything else…

11/26/14 8:00 pm:Here are some more comments to this week, 2x as much to make up for the last one…


It was hard to enlarge this without it being a little fuzzy because I took an LQ snapshot. Anyway, thanks for visiting and for the praise. Also an additional note, if you want to rate my site, there are stars on almost the very end of the page if you are interested.


 Cool, thank you, I loved the comment!


Thank you very much. I don’t know if I mentioned it on the page, but I basically drew Michelle Pfeiffer with a much more dominant nose like Sarah Michelle Gellar, and a slightly flatter shape like Christina Ricci. It really helps to now what you are drawing before you draw it. Anyway, before I get too off the subject. Thank you for viewing this, love your interest. You are the first to mention details, that is a quality very beneficial for this site.



Cheers, thanks for visiting!



Thanks for saying, “Accurate planning”.


That is exactly what I do with my pages.

I might have to go back and edit or add, but have to make sure it flows and be able to back it up with examples being drawings, diagrams etc; Thanks for the comment and I enjoyed the comment. Also I think you have another comment posted on this page. I believe you are the first person to have more than one comment mentioned on my page. You seem like quite the writer yourself. If you are new to blogging or plan to write-best of luck, for you certainly possess the talent!

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