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If you are referring to personal interest once being of sports in the past, a loss of passion, if that is true, I am glad I restored it, “Passion is very important… If you stop enjoying things, you’ve got to look at it, because it can lead to all kinds of depressing scenarios.”-Nicholas Cage. For this reason I believe, is very important as well. I think its great you’re going back to doing what you love in the world of sports or heading, “Back in the game”,

Glad I could peak your interest resulting in that. Thanks for your comment, loved it!

So, I uploaded about 10 comments for one day. I will try to upload 5-10 more favorites and then tune in next week Sunday-next Sunday for new favorites, not as much as this time, but will be posted then. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

Here are some new comments to make up for Spring Break. After these I will upload more on Sunday for this week.


Thank you for the encouragement. Also, you seem like quite the writer yourself, seeing this is the second one of yours I liked. Best wishes.


Thanks for your blessing. I really appreciate it. Thanks for your comment.


Thanks for putting, “In favor of readers”, I try my best to make the concepts clear as possible. Thanks or your thoughts.


Thank you very much. Loved the comment, worthwhile to me as well.


Thanks you. Glad I could inspire you. Best of luck.


Aww… Thanks for the encouraging advice. Great quote to go by. Thanks for your comment.


I will display more on Sunday, for this week. Thanks for the comments. Tune in then and thanks for visiting.

Here are the 5 for this week, as promised. People enjoyed the post I added to recently being Michael J. Fox Lookalikes. Here are the comments I enjoyed the most.


In the legendary words of what J. Fox’s character has said in the past, “Whoa, this is heavy!”

 I am glad you commented on this Dragon City especially since I just added to this post. Glad you liked it. Seeing how many lookalikes there are and possibly to add more in the future, there might be a part 2. However, even if not a part two I plan to elaborate on all posts. So many posts, so little time. Anyway, thanks for visiting and I enjoyed your comment.


Thanks for the praise Sim City. I am glad you described this as, “A good read”. Thanks for your interest, for visiting.

Also here are some ones commented on from the Combinations A-Z sections, specifically B…


LOL, glad you found it just as funny. Thanks Sophie, glad you thought it was funny. Thanks for visiting. If interested, feel free to take the polls on this one as well as the others. Since you found it interested, there are a lot more like that with new polls and I would love to hear feedback. The newest one made is of Natalie Portman & Ashton Kutcher=Emma Roberts. Thanks for your comment.

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